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Altina Mel Sylphis

Altina Mel Sylphis
Race Elf
Relatives Alvin (Younger Brother)
Ranah (Older Sister)
Physical description
Hair color Silvery white
Eye color Light-blue
Gender Female
Media appearances Shining Blade
Blade Arcus from Shining
Voice Actors
Japanese Marina Inoue
Voice Clips


Altina Mel Sylphis (アルティナ・メル・シルフィス Arutina Meru Shirufisu), also known as Altina (アルティナ Arutina), is one of the protagonists in Shining Blade. She is the Elven Princess of the Kingdom of the Forest, Fontina and the spirit protector of the sacred Silver Forest of the elves.



Altina is a proper princess bound by the strict laws of the elves. She uses bow and arrows in combat.


Chapter 1: Her White Blade Prelude[]

Altina chases after her Spirit Kefia and discovers a young man who had drifted ashore. She discovers the young man's name is Rage and is convinced by his Cait-sith, Lin Lin and his Spirit Sword, Yukihime to take him in despite her initial reluctance at the idea. After nursing Rage back to health, the young man bolts out of her home and Altina goes to chase after him.

Finding Rage within the forest, Altina is slighted at the fact that he thought she was a monster and expresses how much problems he's given her. Despite Rage's stubborn-headedness, Altina notices that he's still injured and decides to help him deal with the incoming monsters headed their way. Following their dispatch of the monsters, Altina tells Rage that he could help aid her in her duties as the protector of the Silver Forest. Rage accepts her offer of becoming a protector and Altina brings him back to her place to recover from his injuries.

After arriving back at Altina's home, Altina makes a comment on Rage's condition and mentions how things could have turned out much worse. Rage then asks Altina about the current situation of the Silver Forest, with the latter mentioning how the Dragonia Empire had invaded Valeria. She then states that it is actually Runevale that is heading the attack on the forest, with Rage questioning Runevale's role in the matter due to his knowledge of the Empire and Runevale being at war with each other. Altina surmises that the other races have probably surrendered and joined up with the Empire.