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Birdman warrior Amon
Vital statistics
Class Birdmen -> Sky Warrior
Gender Female
Race Birdmen
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Birthplace
Relatives Balbaroy (husband)
Appearances Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon

Amon is a playable female Birdmen character in the games Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon.




Unlike her husband, Amon is completely energetic and worries about her husband. She seems to be a capable person on the inside.


Amon works best with Balbaroy by her side.

As a single fighter is the weaker of the two birdmen and one of the weaker physical damage members of the Shining Force. She can easily be replaced with Kokichi as Balbaroy's flying player, despite his slower speed.Keep her away from archers.

Powers & Magic[]

Amon can cast no spells, but she posses the power of flight.


  • When Max meets her at Shade Abbey: "Help! My name is Amon. Please save Balbaroy. He'll die unless you help."
  • When Amon joins the Shining Force: "Thank you for saving Balbaroy. Let me go with you so I, too, can fight evil. To reach Uranbatol, you must go through Bustoke. We will guide you there. I will join your friends."
  • At Headquarters, in your party: "Leave the air combat to me! No one can take me as long as I have my wings!"
  • At Headquarters, not in party: "Boooooring! I want action!"


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