Ancient Tower
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The Kingdom of Granseal, the Ancient Tower can be seen in the mountains to the immediate north
Vital statistics
Location Within the city walls of Granseal

Ancient Tower is the name of a location in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.

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Unbeknown to the inhabitants of Granseal during the events of the game, although it learnt later, that the term "Granseal" is actually a corruption of the words "Ground Seal". This referred to the fact that the present city and castle sit atop what was once Arc Valley, the scene of a great ancient battle between Greater Devils and the resting place of Zeon. The Ancient Tower, the original "ground seal", is situated in an enclosed mountainous area to the north of the castle, and only King Granseal has access to it, although he doesn't know its true purpose. Although the original inhabitants of Granseal set up their settlement there to watch over the location, they have long since forgotten this purpose, and the history of the region has long since passed out of memory for the inhabitants of the city.

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