The now undead Golden Knight
Vital statistics
Class Dark Knight
Gender Male
Race Undead
Appearances Shining Force EXA

He is an undead knight with the same name as The Golden Knight

Background[edit | edit source]

He was the Heritor long before Toma and Cyrille. He's often called 'The Golden Knight'. A witch casted a curse on him so he cannot have a proper death. When all of his bones were taken to him, he will be resurrected. His head is at the altar of Lakton Village.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Avalon presents himself in a noble, mature, and knightly fashion, maintaining a chivalrous disposition when conversing with others. He does mention in the game as being a "hot-headed youth", the end result of which led him to being "cursed by a witch".

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Avalon without a doubt is single-handled the best party member in the game. He is the most powerful in hit points, magic and defense. He is also immune to stun, knockback, float, knockdown, and critical hits. In addition, he also has phenomenal resistance to Lightning, Frost, and Light damage, but he is vulnerable to both Flame and Dark damage.

Avalon is incredibly useful on either Toma's or Cyrille's team, and pairs well with anyone. His Gaia Nova and Avalon Nova spells can decimate hordes of enemies in mere seconds. And the equipment that allows him to cast those spells more frequently, can be easily obtained through the training facility.

However, due to the nature of recruiting Avalon, which requires the player to collect all of his body parts, he can't be obtained till, chapter 14. But once recruited, he makes a wonderful addition to the team.

Below is list of the gifts he gives to both Toma and Cyrille and at what level:

Gifts Toma/Cyrille's Level
Absolute Def.LV1 80
Absolute Def.LV2 130
Absolute Def.LV3 150

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment Defense


Hero & Friend - Adds Gaia Nova to his usable abilites.
Hero & Merc - Adds Holy spell to usable abilites.
Hero & Worm +20% Adds Avalon Nova spell to usable abilities.
Hero & Sword +50% Boosts Defense and all elemental resistances.
Hero & Witch +30% Tends to fall back and use long-range spells and attacks.
Hero & Emperor +30% Rushes into battle and focuses on close-range spells and attacks.

Below is the location for his equipment

Equipment Location
Hero & Friend Starting equipment
Hero & Merc Starting equipment
Hero & Worm Starting equipment
Hero & Sword Training Facility B30F
Hero & Witch Training Facility B40F
Hero & Emperor Training Facility B50F

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the game, the spell "Avalon" is most likely named after Avalon.
  • Avalon was the first heritor some 3000 years ago, before the holy sword was split in half.
  • In his "Hero and Friend" may allude to Max's father from Shining Force Neo, Gaia. It mentions that he uses a skill of a "longtime friend."

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