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Vital statistics
Class Birdmen -> Sky Warrior
Gender Male
Race Birdman
Faction Faction
Birthplace Birthplace
Relatives Amon (wife)
Appearances Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention

Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon

Balbaroy is a playable male Birdman character in the games Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon


Balbaroy is first discovered during the church battle. When Max approaches the church, Amon begs him to help save Balbaroy. Upon entering the church, the hero sees Balbaroy as a statue and he yells, "Run! It's a trap!" However this sequence is unavoidable and triggers the zombie church battle. After winning the battle, Balbaroy tells the hero that he was turned to stone by Darksol. To show his gratitude for being rescued, he joins the Shining Force. Amon joins also immediately after to express her gratitude as well.


Balbaroy is a relatively reserved character, especially in comparison to his more energetic wife. Despite this, he is generally regarded as the stronger of the two characters (though this is still somewhat debatable).


Balbaroy works best with Amon to back him up and the two are designed with being a team in mind, though as a single fighter is usually much stronger than her. Balbaroy is a medium strength fighter and able to compete late game. Babaroy's above average attacking power combined with his high airborne mobility makes him great at outflanking vulnerable opponents.

He is weak against ranged units. Balbaroy is one of the weaker offensive members of the Shining Force, unable to deal as much damage as many of the Force members especially late game. As soon as Kokichi joins he will soon start losing out in terms of overall strength.

Powers & Magic[]

Balbaroy can cast no spells, but possesses the power of flight.


  • When Max first sees him: "Run! It's a trap!"
  • When he joins the Shining Force: "I am Balbaroy! I was turned to stone by Darksol when he took the bodies of the dead.I will join you to fight Darksol's evil."
  • In Headquarters, in your party: "I will fight until Darksol is defeated or I'm finished on the battlefield."
  • In Headquarters, not in party: "It feels good to rest!"


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