Centaur image.jpg
Mae the knight centaur.
Vital statistics
Habitat Varies
Eye color Varies
Hair color Varies
Skin color Varies
Unusual features Top half of a human on the body of a horse.

Centaurs are one of the more popular races in the Shining series. There are at least 3 centaur ally characters in most games.

Race[edit | edit source]

Centaurs all have the same body design. They have the top torso of a human on the body of a horse and have long pointy elf-like ears. Centaurs can have any color skin and any color hair. Most centaurs are Knights and use spears and lances but some are archers and fire arrows or other projectles at the enemy. Centaurs are a proud race and never back down from a fight. They are surefooted in plains and mountain terrains but have difficulty in sand or rocky areas.

Examples[edit | edit source]

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