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Chester spies some visitors to Emild.
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Vital statistics
Class Archer -> Sniper
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Emild
Relatives Relatives
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Chester is an Emild castle guard who serves as a playable Archer in the games Shining Force Gaiden II and Shining Force CD.


Chester was on duty at the castle of Emild when the Cypress army arrived in the country. To trap them, Iom soldiers placed Chester under arrest and set out monsters disguised as Emild guards. After the Cypress army defeated them, Chester agreed to bring them before King Emild so that they could reclaim the Sword of Hajya. However, the king had already been assassinated and was being impersonated by Gordon of Iom; upon learning this, Chester joined the Cypress army to seek revenge on Iom.


A dutiful guard, Chester follows strict formality in everything. Yet he seemingly also has a wistful and poetic spirit, and says that he loves singing over battle.


Chester starts out with very good Attack and Defense, and aside from his Attack struggling at some points, his growths remain solid. In particular, his Defense gets astounding increases after promotion. As a result, for most of the game he will have the highest Attack of any of the bow users, and by far the highest Defense.

However, his Attack and Defense both stall out badly after level 10 promoted, and at level 20 promoted he ends up tied for lowest Attack of the bow users, while his HP and Defense are only above average. Given how important Attack is to bow users, Chester may be the worst of the four choices for Book 3. If you value your archers' defensive abilities, however, he is still the best one. Furthermore, given how dominating his stats are until about level 14 promoted, it's a good idea to keep him through to the end of Book 2.

In Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya the characters are unlikely to get anywhere near level 20 promoted, so Chester is an excellent choice for your final party. If you take extra care, he can be very useful in taking out level 3 spellcasters before they strike.

Powers & Magic[]

Chester can use no magic and has no powers.


  • At the Emild castle gates
Chester: "What's happening here? That soldier... He was a monster. Are you the Cypress army? You must've been surprised to find Emild soldiers possessed by monsters."
Mayfair: "We were a little surprised. So, Iom set a trap for us here and waited."
Chester: "What a dirty trick. They have no honor. I guess that's why they'd steal the Sword of Hajya."
  • In the Emild throne room
Chester: "Oh, no! He's not the king! Where's the king?"
Gordon: "King Emild kept getting in the way. So I sacrificed him to Iom."
Chester: "You've murdered our king! You won't get away with it!"
Gordon: "Oh, but, I have. Anyone who opposes the mighty Iom will die. This will show you the power of Iom. My work here is done."
Chester: "We'll not allow you to leave."
Gordon: "Ha, ha, haa! I'll leave while my servants keep you busy."
Chester: "The king murdered... The castle in ruins. Iom! You'll pay for this."
  • Book 2 headquarters, in active party
Chester: "I go at the risk of my life to re-build my beautiful country..."


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