Chester (Shining Force II)
A young Chester in Shining Force II
Vital statistics
Class Knight
Pegasus Knight
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Unknown (Granseal assumed)
Relatives None
Appearances Shining Force II

Chester (Huui, or Huey, in Japanese) is a young male Centaur initially of the Knight (KNTE) class and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing. Chester is one of the four founding members of the Shining Force in the game, along with his childhood friends from the city of Granseal, who are Bowie, Sarah, and Jaha, who are also classmates in Sir Astral's class.

He is not to be confused with Chester from Shining Force Gaiden II.


Chester is a Centaur who lives in Granseal. Like Sarah, he appears to be the only one of his kind in the village, but is openly accepted as a member of the village. It is assumed he has a family, however they're never seen or heard from. He attends class with Sarah, Jaha and Bowie.


Chester comes off as somewhat of a coward, however he makes up for it by being relatively useful on the battlefield. He seems to be caring, but cautious.


Chester is the game's early game Knight and mimics the role of Ken from the previous Shining Force game. He experiences a sharp increase in HP pre-promotion and is balanced on all other stats.

He can be promoted to a Paladin or Pegasus knight using the Pegasus Wing. If players are serious about using Chester, the latter is recommended as he is the Centaur Knight that mimics Jaro the closet. In addition, promoting other knights the Pegasus knights weakens their full potential as fighters. Either way, post promotion he gains a high defense and speed growth with his HP growth being higher than before.

At the end of the game he is overall much weaker than the other knights and is a low-mid tier at best. This is because his only strong growth is his HP stat while his other stats only maintain a steady growth. This means over time most of the other Knights will get stronger than him and by late game he is often quite weak overall compared to them, the sole exception perhaps being Rick.

The Shining Force has enough knights with or without Chester so regardless of direction, like Ken before him players may find little use for him as there are other (stronger) Knights to choose from.

Powers & MagicEdit

Chester has no magical abilities on his own.


  • "(Whinny)...Oh, I love going into battle!"



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