The Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon image.gif
The Dark Dragon
Vital statistics
Race Dragon, Artificial Being
Faction The Devil Army
Appearance Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention, Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon, Shining Soul
Stats (The Legacy of Great Intention)
Health Points 240(left and right heads)
280(middle head)
Magic Points 100
Attack 65
Defense 40
Speed 60
Movement 0
Spell(s) Blaze level 2
Freeze level 2
Bolt level 4
Desoul level 2
Special Attacks Demon Blaze
Items None
Gold 0
Stats (Resurrection of the Dark Dragon)
Health Points 240(left and right heads)
285(middle head)
Attack 65
Defense 40
Speed 60
Movement 0
Spell(s) Blaze, Freeze, Bolt, Desoul, DemonBreath
Special Attacks Each head casts a different spell
Items None

Background[edit | edit source]

In Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention, Dark Dragon was summoned by Darksol so he could rule the land.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Keep note of the following patterns in this battle:

  • All heads will not move.
  • All heads can do a physical attack. However, it is not that strong compared to the four spells, which can do more damage and hit more characters in one turn.
  • The middle head will cast Demon Blaze (DemonBreath 2), a very powerful move that is three spaces long and targets 13 units. A side head will only cast Demon Blaze if it is the only head left. Otherwise, the side heads will cast the other three spells at Level 2.
  • There are two Armed Skeleton Regenerators (unmovable) that are three squares away from the side heads. While these Armed Skeletons's attack won't do much damage (usually 1 against armored members), the minigun special attack can inflict enough to cause grief.
  • Stay four squares away from the middle head to avoid Demon Blaze. Reserve that head for last.

Split your team in half to deal with the Armed Skeletons, the two regenerators, and the two side heads. Minimize being three tiles away from the side heads due to Bolt 2 still being usable by any of the side heads. Defeat the Armed Skeletons and then block the regenerator tiles.

Once the Skeletons are destroyed and tiles are blocked, go after the side heads with your characters one square up close to minimize the use of spells, making it rely on the weaker attack. You can use ranged characters as well, but make sure they aren't cluttered with your other characters.

Once the two side heads are destroyed, go after the middle head. Same strategy as the other two heads to minimize the use of Demon Blaze.

Shining Soul[edit | edit source]

In here he is the final boss of the game and in charge of all the previous bosses which have been ruining the land. He attacks with 3 heads that can be blown off with enough damage but regenerate if the remaining heads are not taken out soon enough. The left head shoots ice and the right shoots fire while the center uses lightening based attacks. The 3 heads can also slam on the ground to do damage but are in range to attack depending on your character. Some classes like Archer can damage the heads from a distance but need to be lined up right. After blowing off all 3 heads, he says he can't be destroyed and is sealed away by the Chaos Breaker, vowing to return.

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