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Deanna officialart.png
Vital statistics
Class Swordsman -> Hero
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Cypress army
Birthplace Iom
Relatives Hindel, brother
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Deanna is the young male protagonist of the game Shining Force Gaiden II (later remade into Shining Force CD). Unlike most protagonists of the series, he is only the party's leader for a brief period of the game.


A brother of Hindel, one of Iom's highest ranking generals, Deanna is a soldier of Iom who was sent on an early invasion of Cypress. He was supposedly felled by "a lowly swordsman"; what happened to the rest of his unit is not known. He was found wounded by a pair of Cypress soldiers who assumed he was one of their own, took him back to their castle, and had his wounds tended by Cypress healers. Once he recovered, he became a part of the squad of guards tending the castle. Whether he was sympathetic to the people of Cypress from the beginning, had a change of heart when they took him in, or was simply pretending to be one of them while looking for a chance to escape is open to speculation. His reluctance to socialize with the other guards may be an indication that he still regarded them as enemies, though he does open up somewhat to the guards' commander, Natasha.

In any case, he became caught up in the Cypress guards' quest to recover the stolen Sword of Hajya, and obviously by the point at which the party is split in two, forcing Deanna to lead the second group in Natasha's absence, he is solidly on the side of Cypress. His relationship with Natasha was growing deeper over the course of their quest, and if he was not wholly loyal to the party from the beginning, this may have been a factor in his decision to join their cause. Mayfair took a special interest in Deanna, and her influence may have had a role as well.

In Book 3 of Shining Force CD we see that Deanna is still with Natasha. Though it is not said explicitly, presumably the two of them are married and still living in Iom.


Deanna is extremely shy and meek; when Jaha invites him to skip out on guard duty, he allows Dawn to answer for him. Similarly, at the time of Book 3 he seems to let Natasha do most of his talking for him. Indeed, apparently an official artbook notes that Natasha was made strong-willed and outspoken in deliberate contrast to Deanna's meekness.

However, at least by the time of Chapter 3 of Shining Force: Sword of Hajya, Deanna's meekness does not extend to the battlefield. Whether inspired by his more famous brother or by the example of the Cypress guards, Deanna is a capable fighter and even leads half the party when they are separated from Natasha.

Deanna's greatest strength seems to be his intense emotional devotion to those close to him. He is devastated at the death of his brother, and in a more positive example of this devotion, it is Natasha's emotional need for him which first cracks Deanna's fixation on his death. His shyness would seem to be a reflection of a gentle and quiet nature rather than a true aversion to other people. The fact that he is well-liked by the other members of the Cypress squad (Eric is particularly vocal about this) in spite of his shyness is further evidence of this.

Deanna is also fiercely loyal, choosing to remain in Iom even if it means losing his friends and his true love.


When playing Gaiden II or its Shining Force CD equivalent, it is important to keep Deanna well-leveled, firstly because the battle is lost if he dies, and secondly because for three battles he will be separated from half the force. Do not give up on him if he seems to be too weak; Deanna grows steadily in every stat, and his Defense abruptly takes off after promotion.

Deanna has weaker stats than both Book 1 and Book 2 versions of Nick, and an identical spell selection. Even so, having a second Hero is never a bad thing, and his combination of decent stats and an offensive spell at his disposal may make him worth taking for Book 3, and you'll have to use him in Book 4.

Powers & Magic[]

Deanna can cast the following spells:

Level 1 - acquires at Level 16
Level 2 - acquires at Level 20
Level 3 - acquires at Level 35
Level 4 - acquires at Level 40
Level 1 - already learned


  • At the castle of Cypress
Mayfair: (talking to Natasha) "I've seen you and Deanna talking occasionally. You appear to be the only one he talks to."
  • In the shrine of Iom
Nick: "Iom seems to have gone back to Hades. But, Hindel will never return."
Deanna: "Uh.. (gulp)... aah." (begins frantically searching the sacrificial pool Hindel fell into, eventually searching the same places over and over)
Nick: "Deanna, stop! Searching for him is useless. Hindel is dead. (the shrine rumbles) What in the world? The shrine is collapsing. Without Iom's power there's nothing to hold it together. Everyone, out! Now!"
Deanna: "No! My brother... !"


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