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Dispel (anchisuperu, or Antispell, in Japanese) is a defensive spell used in the Shining Force games.

Details[edit | edit source]

Dispel is a defensive spell cast during battles in the Shining Force games. Each game has a slightly different effect:

When the spell is cast the upper and lower black areas flash white and if the spell if successful a blinking white 'X' appears over the target's head.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Dispel used at the right times can be devastating against powerful spellcasting enemies. Each level has a different amount of range and damage as the spell gets stronger:

  • Level 1 - One target up to 1 space away
  • Level 2 - One target up to 2 spaces away
  • Level 3 - Up to 5 targets up to 2 spaces away
  • Level 4 - One target up to 2 spaces away

Users[edit | edit source]

Dispel can be used by the following classes:

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