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Edmond is somewhat dismayed to see that Nick has showed up at his proverbial doorstep.
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Vital statistics
Race Human
Faction Cypress army
Appearance Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force CD
Health Points 99
Magic Points 30(in Shining Force CD)
0(in Shining Force Gaiden)
Attack 63(in Shining Force CD)
Defense 43(in Shining Force CD)
Speed 22
Movement 5
Spell(s) Boost level 2(in Shining Force CD), Heal level 1(in Shining Force CD)
Special Attacks none
Items Broad Sword

Edmond the Reluctant is king of Cypress at the time of Shining Force Gaiden, though in practice he is little more than a puppet ruler for Woldol. Edmond appears as a boss in one of the final battles of Shining Force Gaiden and its remake in Shining Force CD.

Background[edit | edit source]

As Nick's uncle, Edmond inherited the throne when Nick's father died, and Nick must kill him in order to win the crown for himself. His title, Edmond the Reluctant, suggests that Edmond is less than enthusiastic about being king, and he apparently knows little to nothing of the evils Woldol commits in his name.

Edmond is rather timid in his behavior, and though this may be his natural personality, he is obviously traumatized by his brother having been murdered and his nephew trying to murder him in turn in order claim the crown of Cypress. Despite his timidity, he is quite capable on the battlefield.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Edmond is one of the more difficult bosses of Shining Force Gaiden, and in Shining Force CD his power has been increased. It is important to approach him carefully; do not come within his range unless you have at least four characters at hand, preferably more. If you approach with any fewer, Edmond is likely to slaughter them and then use Heal to undo any damage he has taken before your reinforcements arrive. Once you have enough troops, take out the cleric first so that he cannot heal Edmond, then use teamwork to bring Edmond himself down.

Land Effect is absolutely crucial in this battle. If at all possible, keep your characters on 30% land effect spaces. It is even more important to keep Edmond off 30% land effect spaces, and it may well be a good idea to forfeit a chance to attack Edmond if it means luring him off of a 30% square.

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Nick, Edmond's nephew and successor
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