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Stuck with a wounded leg, Gadfort limps across the battlefield.
Vital statistics
Class Knight
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction Faction
Birthplace Noswald Empire
Relatives Relatives
Appearances Shining Force EXA

Gadfort is a playble centaur knight in the game Shining Force EXA.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the gifts he gives to Toma, and at what level.

GIft Toma's Level
Curved Blade 5
Fang Trench 25
Dragon Slayer 45
Ordeal 85

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipment Defense


Thunder Knight - Falls back and uses long-range Spark spells and charge attacks.
Charge Knight - Focuses on attacking close range foes with charge attacks.
Wall Knight +30% Gains immunity to Knockdown and Float effects. Primarily uses jump attacks.
Shield Knight +40% Gains immunity to Knockdown and Float effects. Primarily uses Spark Spells.
Thor Knight - Can use any spell or attack, whatever the situation calls for.
Golden Knight +20% Attacks foes aggressively, primarily uses jump attacks.

Below are the locations for where his equipment can be found

Equipment Location
Thunder Knight Starting Equipment
Charge Knight Goran-Goran Cave 1F (accessible via 2F)
Wall Knight West Paora Plains (Center Island)
Shield Knight DX Metal Tunnel, level B5F
Thor Knight Great Bridge, Front Gate
Golden Knight Xeyon, Center 1F

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