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Something about the way Dark Mage chortled after he said "Trust me" made Graham a bit uneasy.
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Vital statistics
Class Ranger -> Bow Knight
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction Iom forces; later Cypress army
Birthplace Cypress
Relatives none known
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Graham is the man responsible for stealing the Sword of Hajya at the beginning of Shining Force Gaiden II. He joins as a playable Ranger is both that game and Shining Force CD.


Graham is a centaur from Thames Village. Soldiers from Iom invaded and took all the villagers captive save him and Slade in order to coerce them into following their orders. Graham was ordered to steal the Sword of Hajya. He infiltrated the castle while a unit of Iom soldiers diverted the attention of the guards, and successfully made away with the sword.

He managed to elude the Cypress army long enough to make it back to where the Thames villagers were being kept. There a falling-out with the Iom forces led to him defecting to the Cypress army.


Graham has a very childlike personality, saying that his stealing the Sword of Hajya "caused a great deal of trouble" and referring to the Iom army as "bullies and liars". Despite the seemingly cowardly and evil nature of his actions in the beginning, Graham is actually a very bold fighter and believes firmly in always doing the right thing.


In Shining Force CD, Graham starts with above average stats for a bow-user, but his growths in every stat are modest for a long while after he joins. For the majority of the time, his stats are roughly equal to Stock's, which means he has higher Attack than Shade but less HP and Defense, and is weaker than Chester in every stat.

However, at level 10 promoted his Attack and Defense abruptly start soaring. By level 20, his HP is okay, his Defense is essentially equal to the other three bow-users, and his Attack is by far the highest of the four bow-users. Thus, though he may struggle a bit early on, Graham is ultimately the most powerful archer in the game.

In Shining Force: Sword of Hajya, Graham's stats are a bit weaker. His Attack is roughly equal to Chester's, but his HP and Defense are much lower. However, bow-users are extra useful in the USA version of the game, since their longer range makes it easier to attack without placing them in position to get hit by level 3 spells. It may be a good idea to use both Graham and Chester.

Powers & Magic[]

Graham has no special powers or abilities.


  • At the Albert Cliffs
Graham: "Oh, no. The Cypress Army! How did they break through our defenses?"
Death Archer: "I've been waiting for you Graham. Dark Mage has been eagerly awaiting your return. Do you have the Sword of Hajya?"
Graham: "Yes, it's right here. But the Cypress Army is right behind me."
Graham: "With your help I was able to save the people of my village. Yet, I was manipulated by Iom and caused everyone a great deal of trouble."
  • Book 2 headquarters, in active party
Graham: "I hate bullies and liars! I don't forgive them!"


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  • Dava, a woman whose name is strangely familiar to Graham

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