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Gyan (Shining Force CD)
File-Gyan SF Gaiden official art.png
Vital statistics
Class Beast/Berserker
Gender Male
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Cypress
Relatives none known
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Gyan is a playable Berserker character in the games Shining Force Gaiden, Shining Force Gaiden II, and Shining Force CD.


Gyan serves as Prince Nick's personal bodyguard and advisor, a role he was likely assigned on the day he was born or shortly after. When Woldol killed Nick's father and took over the government, he and Nick escaped and began their war against Woldol's tyranny. Nick went to gather a force from Guardiana, while Gyan waited in Cypress for his return.

After reclaiming his kingdom in Shining Force Gaiden, Nick led an invasion of Iom in Shining Force Gaiden II with Gyan at his side. Along with Claude, Randolf, and Lady Sarah, Gyan escaped the trap set for the Cypress army, however, he does not join up with the rescue force led by Natasha until much later than the other three. It is not known what Gyan was doing all that time, but he may have been scouting out a shortcut to the shrine of Iom or gathering information on Iom's forces for Prince Nick. Evidence suggests that Nick had a plan involving his capture by Iom, and that Gyan was in on this plan(see "Nick's capture" in the entry on Nick).

One of his responsibilities as Nick's bodyguard and advisor is seeing that the prince passes the Cypress coronation trials before being crowned king, so he contacted Dava prior to Book 3 of Shining Force CD to let her know that Nick was ready for the trials, and asked Queen Anri's permission for a fake abduction.


Despite his lifelong role as Nick's bodyguard and advisor, Gyan's personality is anything but dry. He is very boastful and has a teasing sense of humor. However, his most prominent character trait is his admiration for and devotion towards Nick. He also seems to be on very friendly terms with Mayfair.


In Book 1, Gyan has rather low Attack for a melee fighter. However, his HP and Defense both rank in the top three, leaving him second only to Kashing as an all-around tank. Perhaps more importantly, his ability to walk unhindered on any terrain gives him a huge strategic advantage, and makes it easy to quickly position him in front of vulnerable characters. It is highly recommended that you give him the Running Ring or a Running Pimiento after promoting him, as he will benefit more from the additional MOV than any other character.

In Book 2, Gyan has better stats (unless you promoted Book 1 Gyan after level 10); though he takes a little drop in HP, his Attack is better, holding up well against other party members. His Defense also remains one of the strongest in the party. Also, Gyan joins right before Battle 20, a battle where his mobility on tough terrain can be very valuable. Even if you decide not to keep him in your regular party, it may be a good idea to switch him in for this one battle.

Be aware that Gyan cannot be used in Books 3 or 4 of Shining Force CD.

Powers & Magic[]

Gyan ignores terrain restrictions, traveling through forest as easily as plains, while retaining the defensive advantage of Land Effect.


  • In the Cypress harbor
Gyan: "Prince Nick!! You've returned... and brought warriors with you!! You sure scared Edmond! What is it Prince? Please talk to me."
Lowe: "Nick hasn't spoken since we found out he was a Cypress prince."
Gyan: "Why?"
Lowe: "Nick didn't tell us the truth about his origins. Frankly, we're not sure we can trust Nick..."
Gyan: "You MUST trust him! He went to Gardiana to save your country! He is a noble warrior, and the rightful King of Cypress!"
  • In Book 1 headquarters, in the active party
Gyan: "I've devoted my life to my prince and Cypress."
  • In Book 1 headquarters, not in the active party
Gyan: "My brass armor is too heavy for anyone else!"
  • In Iom
demon master: "Hey, Cypress. What's the matter? Can't make up your mind? While you're standing there arguing, your Prince is being sacrificed to Iom."
Gyan: "You animal. I'll break your neck."
  • After Kisaragi's maidens present themselves to Nick
Mayfair: "Gyan... Wipe that grin off your face!"
Kisaragi's maidens: "Now, relax. Take it easy. Our boss has been waiting for you."
Gyan: "These are beautiful ladies. Don't you think so, Nick?"


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