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Human image1.jpg
Max, a human swordsman
Vital statistics
Habitat Plains, forests, mountains, islands
Eye color Amber, black, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, red, violet
Hair color Black, brown, dark brown, blue, auburn, red, blonde, gray, white
Skin color Varies from very light to very dark
Unusual features None

Human is a race of beings in the Shining series. Humans are often displayed as the race of the main character and the most common race found in the Shining games.


Humans are quite robust and evenly proportioned creatures. They are more well-built than any other race aside from beastmen, dragonutes, and arguably centaurs, having both fairly long limbs and an extremely high level of musculature.

Perhaps the most notable feature of humans is that, while they don't seem significantly more intelligent than other races in general, they have an exceptionally strong aptitude for leadership. Nearly every known dynasty in the Shining universe is human, and the overwhelming majority of mayor, generals, and other leaders are humans.

Humans seem to have a stronger affinity for magic than most races, though they are outclassed in that regard by kyantols and elves.