Vital statistics
Class Pegasus Knight
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction Devil Army
Shining Force
Birthplace Galam
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Stats (as an enemy)
Health Points 59
Magic Points 0
Attack 74 (84 in Super)
Defense 44
Speed 46
Movement 7
Spell(s) None
Special Attacks None
Items Chrome Lance

Jaro, (Farukon, or Falcon, in Japanese) also referred to sometimes simply as "Jar", is a playable character in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.


A tough centaur with the ability to fly, a Pegasus Knight, Jaro is a battle-hardened soldier of Galam. After King Galam was possessed he was enlisted to fight for the Devil Army, but had a change of heart and joined the Shining Force at the first opportunity.



As a Pegasus Knight, Jaro has the movement of a flying unit and stats of a normal knight. He is more resistant to arrows than Birdmen and can fully replace either Luke or Skreech. He has a steady HP and speed gain.

Compared to the Paladins, Jaro's stats are pretty lackluster and since he is already promoted, cannot become a Paladin. His attack and defensive growth wane over time.

He is weaker against spears.

In the first battle, Jaro will be controlled by the computer. At times it can be hard to form basic strategies as the computer doesn't comply with your best interests. Compared to Peter, who is also controlled by the computer at a point in the game, he is more likely to end up getting himself into trouble.

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  • "Why are they so excited? I fight for myself, not anyone else!"
  • During the battle near Moun
Jaro: "I'm tired of this. I can no longer fight for devils."
Bow Master: "JARO, what?"
Jaro: "Didn't you hear me?"

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  • When he is with the Devil army, his stats are higher then when he joins the Force.
  • The battle in which he first plays part of is the only example of a 13 member Shining Force deployment in the entire game. In the HQ, he even occupies an extra slot and it is the only time this slot is occupied.

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