Kaito Kiriya

Kaito Kiriya
Race Human
Age 17 [1]
Physical description
Hair color Tan Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Height 173cm (5'8") [1]
Weight 60kg (132 lbs) [1]
Class Swordsman
Faction Luminous Knights
Media appearances Shining Wind
Shining Tears X Wind
Shining Wind Fan Festa
Voice Actors
Japanese Akira Ishida
Voice Clips


Kaito Kiriya (霧谷 魁斗 Kiriya Kaito) is one of the main protagonists in Shining Wind and a supporting character in the anime adaptation, Shining Tears X Wind. He is a grade 12 student of St. Luminous College, and member of the Luminous Knights.

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Kiriya has short tan brown hair, light brown eyes, and fair skin.

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