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Kane felt a bit put out that Darksol had tried to kill his brother and made him wear an evil mask that forced him to slaughter thousands.
Vital statistics
Class Dark Hero
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Runefaust
Birthplace unknown
Relatives Max (brother), Ian (son)
Appearance Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
Stats (The Legacy of Great Intention)
Health Points 70
Magic Points 24
Attack 65
Defense 30
Speed 29
Movement 6
Spell(s) None
Special Attacks Can use his Sword of Darkness to cast Desoul
Items Sword of Darkness
Broad Sword
Gold 1200
Stats (Resurrection of the Dark Dragon)

Kane is a non-playable enemy character in the games Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. His name is mistranslated as "Cain" on his in-game stats sheet due to a proofreading oversight.


Not much is known about his origins, but shortly after Dark Dragon's original defeat, the Ancients somehow chose Kane and his brother Max to prevent his reviving after 1,000 years. Presumably, they selected Max and Kane's ancestors to pass down this responsibility to their descendants, but this is not specifically said.

Sometime prior to the invasion of Guardiana, Darksol trapped and controlled Kane with a mask. He then became Darksol's general and led numerous invasions. Max eventually confronted him in Dragonia and freed him from Darksol's grasp. Kane then helped Max open the double door in the shrine and attacked Darksol. He survived, but sustained grievous injuries. He confronted Darksol again in the ancient tower, and died.


Little is known of Kane's true personality, since he is possessed when the player first encounters him, and after being freed from possession is only seen under extreme circumstances. However, when possessed, he is a ruthless and cunning general. He shows mercy to no one.


Kane can use his Sword of Darkness to cast Desoul, but in fact his regular attack is more likely to kill a character in one hit, so keep Max far away from him. Your first order of business should be eliminating the high priest without getting Kane's attention. If possible, do the same with the master mage; Kane is enough trouble all by himself. Archers may be of use in accomplishing this.

After his assistants are taken care of, hit Kane with everything and everyone you've got. Don't waste time healing, as Kane's high Attack means that the longer you take to defeat him, the less chance you have of defeating him at all. He frequently gets critical and double attacks, so your character is likely to get killed by his next attack anyway, making healing worthless. Have your healers attack or cast Quick instead.

Kane is one of the toughest bosses in the entire series, so don't get frustrated with yourself if you repeatedly lose to him. If you're having real trouble, you may want to try experimenting to see which spaces your characters can stand on without making Kane move to attack. Alternately if you pick off all the other enemies, and attack him with range, he will rarely, or never, move. To ensure he doesn't, have somebody like Gort next to him, taking the hits.

Powers & Magic[]

Kane is a very skilled swordsman. Normal people stun in fear when they saw him. He is very durable and has a strong will. He and his minions were able to slay almost all dragons in Dragonia, dragons being the strongest creatures in the Shining Universe, although the dragons were old and weak then. He is able to reserve enough strength to battle the Shining Force after slaying dragons. He was managed to survive after his first encounter with Darksol. Even after sustaining fatal injuries, he was able to transport to the Castle of the Ancients through sheer will. His will is so strong that even after his death, his soul continued to protect Max from Darksol. He wields the Dark Sabre, counterpart of the Light Sabre and a Broad Sword at the same time. He also wields Soulbuster in Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, which deals more damage to human units. His Dark Sabre, when used as an item, casts Desoul. His black armour has been shown to be able to transport. However, it is supposed to be Egress spell. He once cast Bolt as a spirit when trying to keep Max from Darksol.


See also[]

  • Cain, often confused with Kane due to the name similarity and the fact that he also has a brother named Max.
  • Max
  • Ian, Kane's son