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Kanon Sheena

Kanon Sheena
Race Human
Age 17 (Wind) [1], 18 (Blade) [2]
Relatives Rage (Younger Brother)
Physical description
Hair color Red
Eye color Light Brown
Gender Female
Height 157cm (5'2") [1]
Weight 42kg (92 lbs) [1]
Measurements B77 W54 H81 cm (B30" W21" H32") [1]
Class Swordsman
Faction Luminous Knights
Media appearances Shining Wind
Shining Tears X Wind
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Nana Mizuki
Voice Clips

Kanon Sheena (カノンしいな Kanon Shiina), also known as Sheena (しいな Sheena) and Kanon (カノン Kanon), is a recurring character in the Shining series. She is one of the main protagonists in Shining Wind and a cameo character in Shining Blade. She was summoned from another world.

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A student who belongs to the Student Council.

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