Vital statistics
Class Priest
Master Monk
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives Tao (Mother) Gong (father) Sarah (sister)
Appearances Shining Force II

Karna (Tsuiggii, or Twiggy, in Japanese) is a female Elf Priestess and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.



Not much of Karna's personality is expressed, but she does seem to be a bit immature at times.


Karna takes up the role of mid tier healer and follows in Khris' footsteps. She is able to last much longer overall then Sarah as primary healer for the Shining Force and offers huge advantages compared to most other fighters. Pre-promotion she has a balanced stat gain overall with favoritism for HP and MP, her MP gain is higher then Sarah's.

Karna is one of the four characters you can choose from at Creed's Mansion after the Desktop Kingdom battle and the Wilard the Rat battle. Karna is often a prime pick as at this point in the game, there is only 1 character with the ability to heal and choosing her results in a needed 2nd healer, making the mid game section of the storyline much easier to complete. Not choosing her results in her being able to gain levels easier later on in the game anyway. This is because she is one of the two easiest of the 4 to catch up on levels and can use her healing spells to gain XP without having to be directly involved in fighting. She can also use "Blast" if need be to make up for her lack of attack and gain XP this way also.

If a Vigor Ball is present in the players inventory, she can be promoted to Mastermonk and is ranked the strongest Mastermonk. Karna becomes easily a top fighter with her combination of spells and fighting prowess. She is best for speed run players as she can help the player storm through the mid section of the game. Even as a vicar, she continues to be a mid-high tier character, able to compete with Frayja despite the latter having access to tougher spells.

Either way, post promotion she gains sharp increases on HP as the game progresses. Early on she has a sharp increase of MP, though this will wane over time. He defense also increases sharply late game and her speed is decent.

She has poor defense and weaker attack if promoted to Vicar, but given the Vicar's role is not intended for fighting, this is excusable. Due to Sarah's weaknesses as a healer, it is worth considering giving the vigor ball to her instead of Karna, as Sarah won't be able to compete late game as a Vicar while Karna can compete in either class.

As a Mastermonk, players can also become heavily reliant on her resulting in her taking most of the XP from other Force members, particularly other healers. Like Sarah she suffers a low attack gain.


Priest/Vicar/Master MonkEdit

Spell Icon Level Acquired
L1 L2 L3 L4
Heal SPELL heal 522
Blast SPELL blast 8162637
Boost SPELL boost 1230
Aura SPELL aura 33415560
  • The game assumes that each character was promoted at level 20. Therefore, a character learning a spell at level 33 would have to learn the spell at level 13 promoted if not yet learned. (33-20=13)
  • — indicates the character has already learned the spell
  • An empty field means the character cannot learn up to that spell's level.


  • "I'm not afraid of devils! When's the next battle?"

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