Girls always went crazy for his string of mystic charms, and Kazin was confident that Sarah would be no different.
Vital statistics
Class Mage -> Wizard -> Sorcerer
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force II
Shining Wisdom

Kazin, also known as Parn due to a mistranslation, is an elf Mage character in the games Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing and Shining Wisdom. He is a minor playable character in the former and a major NPC in the latter.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kazin is generally cool, calm, and collected and doesn't say much in the game. He is wise in a way and cares for his master, Sir Hawel. It is shown that he has a crush on Sarah.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kazin is the second character to join the Shining Force after the three founding members. Kazin is a pupil of Sir Hawel, training in magic. After Hawel's death he joins the force. Two years after the defeat of Zeon, Bowie kisses Princess Elis in order to wake her up, and Sarah, who had fallen in love with him, ran away. Kazin followed to comfort her.

Shortly after this event, Kazin and Sarah become traveling companions and spend the next several years hunting down Zeon's remaining allies and underlings. In Shining Wisdom, set several years after Shining Force II, they pursue the dark elf Pazort to the kingdom of Odegan, but Sarah still does not return his feelings for her. Kazin tries and fails to stop Pazort, and it is left up to the young soldier Mars to defeat him, sacrificing his life in the process. At first Kazin allows Sarah to believe that it was he who defeated Pazort, which succeeds in impressing her, but he quickly feels guilty and admits the truth. The two afterwards returned to Granseal.

The translation team for the USA version of Shining Wisdom intentionally altered the game's dialogue to say that Sarah and Kazin are romantically involved.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Kazin acts as an early game mage and a low-mid tier spellcaster. His best pre-promotion stat is MP, while the rest of his stats are balanced in favour of HP and speed. His most useful offensive spell is Blaze. He is mostly a strategic spell caster, thanks to his spells "Muddle" and "Dispel". They allow him to use "Muddle" to divert attention away from him and "Dispel" to counter other spellcasters. He also has the instant kill spell "Desoul"; this spell is only known to his character. Since "Blaze" is a low cost spell overall, he is often mana efficient. He is best promoted to a Sorcerer using the Secret Book rather than a Wizard, as Tyrin can become a much stronger Wizard than he has the potential to be. Post promoted, he will eventually experience a sharp growth in HP and speed. His MP growth is high and his defense growth is greater than it was pre-promotion.

His attack is low pre-promotion, and even post promoted never experiences anything more then a low growth. This means he is less useful once his MP is depleted. Failing to promote Kazin to Sorcerer will see him benched for most of the mid-late game. "Blaze" does not deal enough damage compared to Bolt or Freeze, while "Muddle" and "Dispel" do not allow a good source of XP gain. "Muddle" is also known to Sheela, so the loss of this particular spell is not so great. He quickly falls behind Tyrin and Chaz once they join the force, since they have access to "Freeze" and "Bolt". Promoting him to Sorcerer comes at the price of losing the best Sorcerer in the game: Tyrin. Furthermore, due to its ability to instant kill, "Desoul" is not good for XP farming. The loss of his Desoul spell is also a non-issue once Lemon joins, as his Dark Sword has this spell built into it. Furthermore, the randomized success/failure of the spell results in it being unreliable as a offensive spell.

Powers & Magic[edit | edit source]

Kazin can cast the following spells.

As a Mage/Wizard:

Level 1 - already learned
Level 2 - acquires at Level 5
Level 3 - acquires at level 22
Level 4 - acquires at Level 35
Level 1 - acquires at Level 18
Level 2 - acquires at Level 29
Level 1 - acquires at Level 13
Level 1 - acquires at Level 9
Level 2 - acquires at Level 25

As a Sorcerer:

Level 1 - acquires at Level 4
Level 2 - acquires at Level 17
Level 1 - acquires at Level 21
Level 2 - acquires at Level 32
Level 1 -acquires upon promotion to Sorcerer
Level 2 - acquires at Level 12
Level 1 - acquires at Level 7
Level 2 - acquires at Level 26

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Sir Hawel's teachings were very helpful. Strategy was his cup o'tea."
  • "What can I do for you? Oh, you would like to see my master? I am studying at his house. Please follow me."
  • "I am the Elf Magician Kazin! I have come from Granseal Kingdom on the Parmecia continent in search of Pazort. Mars, I heard about you. You are the son of a very famous hero on this continent. I'm proud to stand next to such a curageous warrior! You are just like my best friend Bowie."
  • "If Pazort were at the Parmecia War, the outcome would have been different. Heaven must be on our side..."
  • When Kazin returns from the battle with Pazort
Guard #2: "I felt relieved that someone other than Mars finally joined this quest. Because Mars was promoted so early, he must have been bragging. I'm sure!"
Kazin: "Mars's...Mars's been...risking his life for you, you ungrateful scum...."
Guard #2: "What...what's wrong with you?"
Kazin: "You...unworthy...bunch of fools...he's gone...trying to save...you people."
  • After Kazin reports the defeat of Pazort and the resealing of the Djinn
Sarah:"Well done, Kazin! You're a man worthy of honors, aren't you? I have a higher opinion of you than before."
Satera: "Umm...Sir Kazin...I...Want to know...about Sir Mars... I, I mean...well...."
Kazin: "Sarah....it's not right! That's not the whole story! Mars is the one...Mars is the one who achieved this success!"

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