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Vital statistics
Class Priest -> Vicar
Gender Female
Race Kyantol (Kyantoru); Cantaul (according to the remake)
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Mimoor (a small village near Alterone)
Relatives unnamed mother
Appearances Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon

Khris is a playable Kyantol healer in the game Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and its remake Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon.


When the Shining Force reaches Alterone and talks to the local people, you come across Khris' mother who asks if you have seen her, saying Khris wants to be an adventurer. You meet Khris in Alterone castle where she warns you to be careful when talking to King Alterone. After you are thrown into prison in Alterone by the King and Kane of Runefaust, Khris comes to the rescue by showing you a secret passage out of the prison that leads directly into heaquarters. She says it's time to strike back at Runefaust she wants you to help her save Alterone and joins your party.

In Resurrection of Dark Dragon, Khris's background is told in more detail that she was in an orphanage and the children were dying of a disease, so she wished to become a great healer so she would never have to witness a tragedy like that ever again.


According to a Shining Force I worldbook:

"A personal aide to the princess of Alterone, she is a priest by occupation. A girl-next-door type, but she is extremely introverted. Among the Force, her personality most resembles that of Tao, but Khris is much more reserved. She had a timid personality to begin with, but recently something--perhaps her continual torment at the hands of the wicked princess--has spurred her to withdraw even further. She is an extremely subdued girl." (Translation by O'Neill of the Shining Force Central forums)


In The Legacy of Great Intention[]

If kept up with the rest of the Force, Khris makes both a great healer and replacement for Lowe by mid game. Despite her Aura spells not reaching Torasu's level of prowess, the cost effectiveness of her spells versus amount of MP, results in her able to carry the Force even late in the game. She learns the valuable Aura and Quick spells, plus all four levels of Heal, making her the game's most versatile healer.

Her supporting spells Slow and Quick allow her manipulate the position of forces on the battlefield.

Khris is only lvl.2 when she joins, at this point many Force members are several levels ahead of her. She becomes redundant with the joining of Torasu and his spells begin to strengthen.

Aside from healing and order of control of characters, she has very little in the way of spell tactics.

Powers & Magic[]

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon[]

Spell Icon Level Acquired
L1 L2 L3 L4
Heal Magic Heal Icon-RoDD.gif 5 16 21
Slow Magic Slow Icon-RoDD.gif 8
Quick Magic Quick Icon-RoDD.gif 12
Aura Magic Aura Icon-RoDD.gif 20 28
  • Unlike in the original version, levels do not stack; therefore, if promoted early, a spell learned at level 12 unpromoted must be learned at level 12 promoted.
  • — indicates the character has already learned the spell.
  • An empty field means the character cannot learn up to that spell's level.


  • In Alterone jail: "Please help me save Alterone! I'll fight alongside you. I can heal, too!"
  • In Headquarters, not in your party: "I'm resting and practicing my healing spells."
  • In Headquarters, in party: "I can fight and heal wounds. Lead on, and I will follow."
  • At the beginning of the battle with Dark Dragon: "No Matter how great the foe... For the sake of this world... I will fight to the end. I call upon the powers of Light to lend me their strength!"


  • In the remake of Shining Force (Resurrection of Dark Dragon) for the Game Boy Advance, Khris appears to have been modeled to look more human, as opposed to her clearly more animal face in the original.
  • Khris's name in the Japanese version translates to Chip.
  • To get Khris' card, talk to the Love-Sick / Broken-Hearted Man standing outside Alterone Castle after the battle in Alterone town (Khris's first battle).

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