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Kokichi image.jpg
Kokichi the old guy/ hero
Vital statistics
Class Wing Knight -> Sky Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Bustoke
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

Playable Character


According to a Shining Force I world book: "A hard-working inventor who--wishing with all his heart to fly through the sky--finally made his dream a reality fifty years later. He's known around town as a crazy old geezer, but he's really a good-hearted old man. Before building his flying machine, he served as a knight at the royal palace. For this reason, he is skilled with a sword." (Translation by O'Neill of the Shining Force Central forums)

In the remake, Kokichi tells Max of some of his early childhood, and how it had been his dream to fly ever since he was a child. He mentions that some of Dr. Crock's inventions served as an inspiration to him when designing the engine for his flying machine. It's worth noting that the flying machine he fights with is not the first flying machine he has built, but it is the most successful one. Especially considering many of his previous attempts were deemed unsafe, unreliable, uncontrollable, and worse. One such invention's test flight lasted almost a full year because of how off-course it lead him (that is to say, the actual test flight didn't last very long, the trip back home did, however).


In a word: "Quirky"... though in fairness, Kokichi is not quite as quirky as Dr. Crock is. There are some similarities between the two inventors, however. Both are, of course, inventors, and both, despite their quirkiness, hold a strong sense of duty to the greater good, dedicating their inventions towards helping Max out. They are both also very tenacious inventors, ignoring the ridicule and criticism they receive from townsfolk in favour of persistently working on their inventions.


As a flyer, he can travel anywhere and is essentially a flying knight. He can fully replace Balbaroy and/or Amon once he joins and can compete with late-game battles.

He is almost a perfect polar opposite of Guntz.

Kokichi is one of the weakest of the 'lance/spear' characters - most of the Knight/Paladins end up stronger than him in both terms of damage and stats.

Powers & Magic[]

Kokichi has the power of flight.


  • When facing Dark Dragon: "Kokichi the master airman will protect the skies! Dark Dragon, your head is MIIINE!!"
  • Max: "Hey! You're that weird old man from Bustoke!"


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