Summary[edit | edit source]

Legion Hives are nests containing monsters that inhabit all of Shining Force Neo. After defeating the Man Behind the Mask in the Third Sanctuary, Chairperson Rebecca will give Max 23 special seals in order to open the magical doors that guard the entrance of these Hives. With these keys, Max is given the duty to eradicate all 23 hives that can be found throughout the whole game (this is optional but imperative in completing the game due to new items being 'unlocked' as a reward for completing each Hive). These Hives are separated into categories of elements or enemy types, such as Legion Hives only containing monsters of the elements lightning, fire, ice, light, darkness as well as being only golem, ghost, demon, legion, dragons, worms ect.

Inside the Legion Hives[edit | edit source]

When entering a Legion Hive, the seals must be used in order the open the magically sealed door before entering a portal which teleport Max and his comrades to a nest surrounded by monsters of the given element or type. The Legion Hives are shaped into a circular fighting arena where the player can freely roam without being overwhelmed by the monsters. Every Legion Hive has a boss of that specific monster which can be distinctively recognized judging by it's increase of size or color difference (note that the player does not need to clear the surrounding mobs in order the defeat the boss).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon defeating the boss of the Legion Hive, the player is given an abundance of energy and 3 chests that appear in the middle of the Hive. Each Hive will give a Book of Masters, which each having its own powerful ability that can be imbued on Max's weapons, armor, rings, and bracelet equipment.

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