Lin Xiao-Mei

Lin Xiao-Mei

Race Beastman
Physical description
Gender Female
Class Monk
Media appearances Shining Hearts
Shining Blade
Voice Actors
Japanese Chiwa Saito
Voice Clips


Lin Xiao-Mei (リン・シャオメイ Rin Shaomei), also known as Lin Lin (リンリン Rinrin), is a recurring character in the Shining series. She is a minor character in Shining Hearts and a major character in Shining Blade.




While in her cat form, Lin Lin assumes a serious and more sedate character.


Shining HeartsEdit

She is a female antique seller of the beast race in the game. She also has another identity, as the phantom thief "Black Tail".

Shining Hearts: Bread of HappinessEdit

Xiao-Mei's first appearance is in the first episode, wherein Rick wonders about the young woman's identity, to which Airy responds that she takes bread to her from time to time, that her name is Xiao-Mei and that she is an antique dealer who is a fan of Rick's bread.

Shining BladeEdit

She appears in Shining Blade under the name Lin Lin and initially assumes a cat form.