Luke (Shining Force II) image
Luke in Shining Force II.
Vital statistics
Class Birdman
Bird Battler
Gender Male
Race Birdman
Faction Bedoe
Shining Force
Birthplace Bedoe
Relatives King Bedoe (father)
Appearances Shining Force II

Luke is a character in Shining Force II. Luke is first met by the Shining Force in Bedoe, the dwelling place of Birdmen, and after the battle to liberate Polca he will actively join the Shining Force. Luke, alongside Skreech, are the two Birdmen of the game capable of joining the Shining Force.


Being the son of King Bedoe, Luke is the prince and the future king of Bedoe and the race of Birdmen. Luke is a good friend of Peter and loves adventures. When the Shining Force arrive in Bedoe, Luke was told to prepare a raft to aid them. When he went to Polca, the town was under attack by devils who transformed the citizens to zombies. Luke was getting ready to join the Shining Force when they arrived, but he was knocked unconscious by a Minotaur. After the battle ended, Luke joined the Force.


Although a prince, Luke is an adventurer at heart. He likes his home and his people, but he prefers to see the world rather than staying in Bedoe. Luke also likes to battle. Luke is also fairly sensitive to the emotions of others around him. While his people all regard phoenixes as sacred creatures blessed by the god Volcanon, Luke breaks protocol by treating Peter his a friend and equal, not out of disrepect for Peter as a phoenix, but out of consderation for Peter as a friend, knowing that recieving special honors embarrasses the humble phoenix.


Luke's greatest advantage is his ability to fly and usages of swords. He has a high speed stat and is a overall balanced fighter. He replaces Balbaroy from the previous game and is overall a mid tier fighter. Compared to Skreech he will gain more HP.

He is not a great fighter. He has low attack and defense compared to other fighters late game. If he misses too many battles, he will soon fall behind and need focus.

He is weak against archers and compared to Skreech has less damage.

Powers & MagicEdit

  • Flight - Being a birdman, Luke can fly with his wings.


  • "I love swooping in for the kill!"


  • Luke's face resembles a parrots'.

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