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Manarina, Land of Magic
Vital statistics
Type Town
Location Rune, far West middle of Continent
Inhabitants Mages of different races, Arthur, Anri


The town of Manarina is famous for its school of magic. All mages who want to be great train there. Manarina is North-West of Rindo and West of Shade Abbey


The Manarina Mage School is the main building in Manarina. There are several levels and wings to this bulilding, including the VIP Mage Lounge, the Library and many rooms for experiments. Under the building is the Cavern of Darkness where you obtain the Orb of Light to summon the Spirit of the Spring at the Pool of the Ancients.

Books in various places in Manarina:

Spark Level 2, Blaze Level 4, Spark Level 4, Basic Training for Mages, Freezing Made Easy, Blazing Made Easy, How to Make Domingo Eggs, How to Hatch Domingo Eggs, Memories of Guardiana, Introduction to Magic, Mystery of the Shining Path, All About Shining Path, History of Shade Abbey, Shade Abbey and Guardiana, The Pool of the Ancients, Encyclopedia of Magic and many books written in strange languages.


Playable characters:

Important People:

  • Old Gert

Old Gert is a magician who wil turn Max into a chicken if he will let her. As a chicken, Max can get past the VIP Mage Lounge guard. The mage who turns you turns Max back into a human tells him the history of Shade Abbey. The information you recieve from the mage in the VIP Mage Lounge is not as important as the item you will find in there. Plus it is the only place he can get turned back to his normal self. People will say funny things to Max when he is a chicken.

- Arthur: "What's up, hen?"
- Anri: "Old Gert's up to her usual tricks. Someone here should be able to change you back."
- Mage #1: "Seeing you makes me hungry. I wonder what's for dinner?"
- Mage #2: "What in the world is a hen doing here? Shoo, shoo!"

Things to attackEdit

There is a battle to get to Manarina (see below) and also a battle underneath Manarina (see Cavern of Darkness).

Battle Guide advice: "Get to the bridge at A as fast as you can. Nothing attacks until someone reaches it, and you can pull back acros to stop the battle. Let weaker characters kill bats for experience. Moving across the desert is slow, but remember to keep everyone a space apart when approaching the Dark Mage."

Nova's advice: Zombies and other unnatural creatures suffer greatly from magical fire."


  • Domingo Egg: Search the Machine (also called robot when you search it).

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