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Card Master Mawlock
Vital statistics
Class Card Master
Gender Male
Appearances Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

Mawlock is a playable character in the game Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.


Mawlock is of an unknown species, and while it is not clear where exactly he came from, it is safe to assume it is not the Rune continent, or anywhere near it (perhaps not even the same dimension as it).


Mawlock is fairly easy going and a somewhat passively-natured individual. He generally does not condone acts of violence, though he is willing to make exceptions when violence serves the greater good.


Mawlock's health, defense and magic resistance are all very high. However, his attack is very low. This makes him a great tank for protecting your more fragile long-range units. His abilities are very unique, revolving around cards which he can equip 4 of at a time. These are his abilities:

  • Effect: Uses a unique effect on the card, such as casting magic or buffing allies.
  • Copy: Changes Mawlock's properties, such as his stats and movement type.
  • Move: Gives the character on the card 2 turns every round for the rest of the combat (allies only).
  • Imitate: Creates a perfect copy of an ally with all their abilities/equipment, but with 10 Hp (allies only).

He's very easy to level-up if you use cards like Laser Eye to damage multiple enemies at the beginning of a battle, leave the battle, then repeat the process. Once he has enough MP, the player should move on from using Laser Eye to using Mishaela's card, which will damage all enemies. Once Mawlock has reached 50 MP, the player should give serious consideration to having Mawlock use his Dark Dragon card's ability for the more difficult battles as that it will deliver between 25 and 30 damage to all enemies. It's not unusual for Mawlock to end up being more than ten levels higher than any other character by the end of the game.

Powers & Magic[]

Mawlock possibly may be the most powerful character in the Shining Force in terms of storyline. He use Magic Cards in battles. His mastery of Cards is unique. By using Cards, he can create copies of other characters, use their powers, give allies one bonus turn and obtain their special abilities, making him very powerful in all kinds of combat. He has great raw strength and speed enough to quickly dispatch two Dark Mages trying to kill Narsha. He fights enemies bare-handed which further displays his strength. He is also proficient in other magical abilities. He can split himself into two entities which are all real and can use all of his abilities. He possibly defeated and sealed Zuika, a very dangerous Assassin. He has been shown to be able to transport people to alternate locations and return them, perhaps ignoring the laws of time and space. Judging from his statemant that he emerges into the world to defeat the Dark Dragon, it can be assumed that his powers are on equal or near level with the Devil Kings. His true age is unknown and can be regarded immortal. And so he possesses great knowledge and intelligence.


  • (Max encounters Mawlock for the first time) "Now now! Don't look at me like that! Nothing fishy about me... Well, maybe there is a little. I am Mawlock. I have come to you to ask a favour."
  • Mawlock confronts the two mages sent by Darksol to kill Narsha: "Greetings, gentlemen. You may call me Mawlock. I am the type of man who simply cannot resist a damsel in distress... Especially the fair maiden type... Now, let's get down to business." (he then charges, killing both of them)
  • "Ah, I almost forgot. How stupid of me... Honestly, I of all people should have remembered this. I have something I wish to give to you. Here it is." (gives Mawlock's Card to Max)
  • At the beginning of the battle with Dark Dragon: "Well, well! So the Dark Dragon has finally come to play. Alright, then. I suppose it's up to me to finish this. It's against my principles, but I'll dirty my hands just this once─To bury you."
  • Mawlock, after the final battle: "One day, the cards revealed to me that I must guide two heroes on their journey...One was the Princess of Runefaust, Narsha Ramaldu, the other being you, Max. You traveled 1,000 years, only to be seperated from Kane and forced to fight alone. You were the man upon whom the world depended. But, you fought splendidly, better than I have imagined! It was your power that allowed Dark Dragon to be sealed, and that is why I believe....that you are still alive...somewhere..."


  • Mawlock's 'story', when Max talks to him in headquarters, tells the tale of a beautiful daughter who died, but had her soul and her beauty preserved by her father when he made a card of her. It's possible that this unnamed girl is Simmone.

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