Narsha image.jpg
Shaman Princess Narsha
Vital statistics
Class Shaman -> Guru
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Runefaust, Shining Force
Birthplace Runefaust
Relatives Ramladu, father
Appearances Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

Narsha is a princess of Runefaust in the game Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, the daughter of King Ramladu. She acts as a playable Shaman.

Background[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

When first joined, Narsha is somewhat shy in the group. She is very well prepared to accept tragedies such as her father's death. She is determined to join the Shining Force and is somewhat friendly to the other members. Narsha also has doubts that she might be cast away from the other members because of her descendent though she later admits that she has nothing to worry about as the Shining Force has been very nice to her.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Do you have low-level characters you want to add to your formation? Narsha's who you want to see to get them up to speed. Her Step spell also allows things like healers and low-movement bruisers like Guntz and Musashi to keep up with the party. In addition to all that, she has a decent defense and a good amount of HP (which you don't often see on a caster) and incredibly high amounts of magic resistance, making her both very resilient and excellent against enemy magi. She also has a fairly good amount of offense, but pays for all the good stuff with very low speed, and the fact that her spells are rather pricey, meaning you need to make every cast count.

The key to using Narsha well is to make the most of her spells, and tailor her casting to your party's needs. If you have a lot of ranged units, then use Attack to make them hit harder. If you have a lot of slow-moving guys, then use Step to get them into the thick of it faster. If your members primarily use magic and healing, then use Boost to...well, give them a general boost. If your members are in need of healing support, then use Aura.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Level Acquired
L1 L2 L3 L4
Attack Magic Attack Icon-RoDD.gif 2 16
Aura Magic Aura Icon-RoDD.gif 3 14 20 25
Boost Magic Boost Icon-RoDD.gif 4 10 22
Step Magic Step Icon-RoDD.gif 7 12 18
  • Unlike in the original version, levels do not stack; therefore, if promoted early, a spell learned at level 12 unpromoted must be learned at level 12 promoted.
  • — indicates the character has already learned the spell
  • An empty field means the character cannot learn up to that spell's level.

Dialog Icon and Sprites[edit | edit source]

Dialog Icon Shaman Guru
Narsha Dialog-RoDD.gif Narsha Shaman Sprite-RoDD.gif Narsha Guru Sprite-RoDD.gif

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • If Narsha delivers the killing blow to Ramladu in RoDD:
Ramladu: "... ... ...unnngh... ... ... Is that you, Narsha?"
Narsha: ...Father... Forgive me, Father. This was the only way..."
Ramladu: "You did well... You made... the right choice. I lost my soul to Darksol... He was controlling me. But... It was my fault. I wanted power... My heart was easily corrupted... You make a fine princess, Narsha... You fought like a true warrior!"
Narsha: "...Father..."
Max: "..."
Ramladu: "Narsha, this is no time for tears. You and your friends... must put a stop... to Darksol's schemes... Dark Dragon... must NOT be revived! Please... Heed the last request... of your foolish father..." (Ramladu dies)
Narsha: "...Father... ... Rest easy Father. I will fight to the bitter end as befits the Princess of Runefaust! Let us go, Max! We must stop Darksol before he achieves his goal!"
  • If anyone else delivers the killing blow to Ramladu, but Narsha is still present, in RoDD:
Ramladu: "... ... ...unnngh... ... ... Well done, Max! You are a worthy leader of this Shining Force!"
Max: "..."
Narsha: "Father!"
Ramladu: "That voice... Narsha? I was a fool...forgive me..."
Narsha: "...Father..." (Ramladu dies)
Max: "..."
Nova: "Max, it seems that Darksol has already entered the Castle of the Ancients. There is no time to mourn the loss of King Ramladu!"
Max: "..."
  • At the beginning of the battle with Dark Dragon: "... Father... I hope you're watching me fight. As the princess of Runefaust, I shall put an end to this!"

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