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Panzer tries to hide the blood on his arm from Akane.
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Vital statistics
Race Human
Faction Vandals
Appearance Shining the Holy Ark
Health Points Health Points
Magic Points Magic Points
Attack Attack Points
Defense Defensive Points
Speed Speed, or agillity or quickness
Movement n/a
Spell(s) Desoul level 2
Special Attacks Chaotic Blizzard, Scorching Air
Items none

Panzer is a young Vandal who allied himself with Rilix to try to restore the Thousand-Year Kingdom, making himself one of the primary antagonists of Shining the Holy Ark. Panzer, having been transformed by the power of Corruption, appears as the final boss in the game.

Background[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Your first priority should be establishing decent defenses for your party members. Even if you think they're over-leveled, Panzer can still put a nasty hurt on them if you don't buff them with Barrier, Support, Shield, and most importantly, Restore. While you're doing this, watch how much damage Panzer does to your characters and try to judge when an individual character urgently needs healing. You'll probably need to use Aura(a.k.a.Praying) nearly every turn, but if you can use just Heal instead, do so in the interest of conserving MP. This battle will be long and dangerous no matter what, so focus your energies on keeping your characters standing long enough to outlast Panzer.

Your first target should be the two Evil Bodies. Even though they have almost boss-like HP and defensive stats themselves, they are worth taking out first because they can cast buffing spells on Panzer and themselves. To hasten their defeat, cast Attack on Arthur ASAP. If you're using Lisa, Basso, and/or Doyle, cast it on them as well when you have the chance. However, do not rely entirely on melee characters. Offensive spells which hit all enemies may do more overall damage, and since Panzer is a major threat even with just one Evil Body supporting him, you want both Evil Bodies to go down as quickly as possible.

If Panzer gets more than one buffing spell cast on him, immediately have Rodi step up and use Negate. If this is not possible for any reason, keep track of which buffing spells the Evil Bodies use. If Support, focus on your magic users and their offensive spells. If Shield, have the melee fighters take charge.

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