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Parmecia is a vast continent to the east of Grans Island, and is often referred to as "the mainland" by inhabitants of Grans Island. Most Shining games set in the original universe take place primarily in Parmecia.

There is a narrow section in the middle of Parmecia featuring mountains and other natural obstacles, with large landmasses to the north and south, and as such Parmecia is sometimes divided into North Parmecia and South Parmecia.

Natural locations and non-settlements across Parmecia include North Cliff, Ribble Ruins, the Cavern of Darkness, Mount Volcano, Petro's Grandfather's Shrine, the Taros Shrine, the Dwarven Mine, the Harpy Pool, and Pangoat Valley. In the extreme northwest of the continent lies the mysterious plains of the Nazca Desert, uninhabited for eons, where mysterious and ancient technology awaits discovery beneath the surface. To the extreme south-west of Parmecia lies the equally mysterious area known as Devil's Tail due to its geological shape, surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes. Settlements across Parmecia include:

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