Peter as a junior Phoenik before promotion to full Phoenix
Vital statistics
Class Phoenik
Gender Male
Race Phoenix
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Bedoe
Relatives Volcanon (creator)
Appearances Shining Force II

Peter (referred to as Ash in the English-language instruction manual, and Piitaa in the Japanese version of the game) is a character in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing. Peter is the only character in the series with the Phoenik (and eventually Phoenix) class. At first, Peter was a NPC, and then an AI-controlled unit. After the player meets Volcanon, Peter officially joins the Force and can be controlled. Peter does not need a priest to be resurrected - he can revive himself, a characteristic of his race. Peter is probably the second most important character of the game, actively participating of almost all conversations in the game and with his sprites appearing in the world map as well.


A member of the legendary Phoenix race created by Volcanon himself, Peter is a good friend of Volcanon and with Luke, the prince of Bedoe. In fact, he has the title of 'Sir' in Bedoe. Peter eventually left Bedoe in an adventure, but accidentally hurt his wing. He then visited New Granseal looking for aid, only to be bullied by children. After the Minister intervenes, Peter is sent to the castle where he tells his story. Peter is then accompanied by Bowie and friends in his journey back to Bedoe. When they arrive there, Peter introduces Bowie to Volcanon, but Volcanon gets angry about the terrible sin the ground-people has commited (releasing Zeon). Peter then decided to follow Bowie and the Shining Force in their adventure.


Peter is a honorable creature, and pretty humble about his origin. Whenever confronted about being a legendary phoenix, he replies that he doesn't know if he is really legendary. He becomes a good friend of Bowie and will almost always do the talking for him.


After speaking with Volcanon Peter decides to join the Shining Force and you can now control him as one of the regular team. Even before promotion, he is relatively strong as a character. He instantly revives with no cost if killed in battle, resulting in the player always having at least 1 other Force member to send onto the battlefield alongside Bowie. Even before promotion he experiences a high attack growth.

After promotion, Peter becomes one of the strongest characters in the game, perhaps even the strongest. Peter can perfectly fly after promotion, has resistance to fire. He experiences a sharp increase to his attack stat as he levels and has a high but steady HP and defense growth.

In the first few battles before you reach Bedoe, Peter will be controlled by the computer. At times it can be hard to form basic strategies as the computer doesn't comply with your best interests.

Also due to being very stronger compared to most Force members, temptation can be to let him steal XP late game.

Powers & MagicEdit

  • Flight - As a phoenik, Peter can only fly small distances, but as a fully grown phoenix, Peter can perfectly fly.
  • Sonic Rings - This is Peter's attack as a phoenik, where he releases several rings of sonic energy.
  • Hurricane - This is Peter's attack as a phoenix, where he release a small hurricane with the flapping of his wings.
  • Resistance to fire - Peter becomes very resistant to fire after promotion.
  • Resurrection - Peter can resurrect himself after battle.

Peter attack.


  • "Phoenix don't need a priest. We can revive ourselves."
  • "I didn't know he was such a cold-hearted god." - about Volcanon.
  • "I don't like this guy." - about Rohde.
  • "Y...yeah, I'm a phoenix. But...legendary? I don't know about that."

Trivia Edit

  • Peter was created to be the personal subject of the god Volcanon, similar to the idea of the Judeo-Christian god creating angels to help rule over his subjects, or in this case, Birdmen. Peter's resurrection ability, biblical name, and comparison to angels in this way, might be considered a parallel to Jesus Christ.

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