Princess Elis
[[File:Princess Ellis image|center|200px]]
The beautiful Princess Elis of Granseal
Vital statistics
Class n/a
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Granseal
Birthplace Granseal
Relatives King Granseal, father
Bowie, husband
Appearances Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing

Princess Elis is a character in Shining Force 2, she is the daughter of King Granseal. She is Bowie's love interest, and it is implied that they marry following the end of the game.


Elis is the Princess of Granseal, but not much is said concerning her other than that her beauty is unrivaled by all the citizens in Grans Island. Bowie, the main character, has a great interest in her, implied as Sarah convinced him to come with her to castle just to see her. She was first seen in the game showing great concern over her father, who had fallen ill. After a small incident involving a Gizmo, a demon that attempted to possess her father, she took it upon herself to look over Sir Astral, due to him exhausting himself through expelling the demon from King Granseal's body. She wished Bowie luck on his journey to escort Sir Hawel back to Granseal, showing interest in the hero who had saved her father.

Due to the Gizmo later possessing King Galam, she quickly found herself in the crossfire of the sudden war between Galama and Granseal. Galam kidnapped her upon invading the castle, and dragged her to the Ancient Tower, where he threatened to kill her if anyone interfered with what he was attempting to do: completely break the Ancient Seal and allow Zeon, the King of Demons, to rise. Attempting to escape into the Demon Realm as well, Elis was taken with him. Bowie intervened by stealing the Jewel of Darkness from Galam as he and Elis were teleporting off in tubes of light, but as a result, Galam's magic was disrupted, and he fell into the Demon Realm... and Elis with him. Unable to do anything for the lost Princess, Bowie was forced to retreat as the whole kingdom collapsed: a result of Zeon's revival.

Elis would not be heard from again until Bowie and his fully-fledged Shining Force infiltrated the Ancient Tower through a secret entrance. They discovered the demon-possessed King Galam standing over an unconscious Elis, and Galam challenged the force to an actual fight: a fight that resulted in Galam's death. Elis was awakened, and her and Bowie began to share an awkward, yet intimate conversation before Zeon finally rose back to full power. After Zeon was seemingly cast back into the abyss, Zeon posed as a seemingly resurrected -- and non-possessed -- King Galam. He took the Princess hostage yet again and put her in a coma with a powerful sleep spell. After Zeon was forcbly dragged back into the Demon Realm by Sir Lemon, Bowie and comrades were distraught to find that Elis was seemingly on the verge of death. Thankfully, their concerns were relieved by the goddess Mitula, who revealed that she was in a coma, and that she could only be awakened by a kiss from the person she loved most.

Two years later, Elis' face turned pink, a sign that the time had come to kiss. Bowie was selected by the majority of the force to do so, and Bowie gladly complied, going upstairs to kiss the Princess upon her lips and wake her. Following Elis' reawakening, it is greatly implied that Bowie and Elis are now happily married, with Elis becoming Queen of Granseal, and Bowie her king.



  • "Oh, wow... he's so brave! Hmm..." - Elis commenting on Bowie's valor
  • "Oh, it's you!" - Elis' joyful reaction to seeing Bowie again.


  • Elis is not much liked among fans due to being interpreted as a shallow character, simply because she was not present for most of the plot, but moreso because she was indirectly responsible for ruining Sarah's chances of getting together with Bowie, as she also had a secret crush upon the second Shining Force's leader. Due to Bowie/Sarah being a massive fan-preferred couple in the Shining Force fandom, many have hated the game's ending, and by extension, Elis.

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