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The sight of Randolf's face frightens small children, and even many adults.
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Vital statistics
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Race Centaur
Faction Cypress army
Birthplace Cypress
Relatives none known
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Randolf is a knight of Cypress. He is available as a playable paladin in the games Shining Force Gaiden, Shining Force Gaiden II, and Shining Force CD.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beyond the fact that he is one of Cypress's knights, little is known about Randolf's background. He expects Prince Nick to recognize him, but it is not known why. He may not even have had battle experience prior to Shining Force Gaiden; when asked, Randolf dismisses the scar on his face as "merely evidence of youthful carelessness."

All that is known for sure is that he was the only member of a Cypress platoon who did not fight and die in battle against Prince Nick's Shining Force. After King Edmond is killed, Randolf joins the force. It is not known whether this was his first opportunity to help Nick, or if he was awaiting the outcome of the battle between the two would-be kings of Cypress before serving either one, but the fact that he knew Edmond was only a pawn of Woldol suggests the former.

Two months after Woldol's defeat, Randolf follows Nick in an invasion of Iom in Shining Force Gaiden II. The Cypress army is defeated, but Randolf eludes capture along with Lady Sarah and Claude, perhaps due to Nick's machinations(see entry on Nick). The three of them regroup with the Shining Force led by Natasha, and together they rescue Nick and defeat Iom.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While friendly, Randolf has a very straight-faced and serious personality. He is extremely focused and sees most every issue as black-and-white.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

In Shining Force Gaiden[edit | edit source]

Randolf has the highest Attack of the knights by a small margin, but his Defense is extremely low(on par with the game's mages) and his HP is also the lowest of the knights. If you promote the other two knights after level 10, they can get higher Attack than him as well. Randolf is still a quite functional knight, and if you want to promote at 10 and still hit as hard as possible, he's not a bad choice. But unlike most knights, you cannot use him as a front-liner.

In Shining Force Gaiden II (a.k.a.The Sword of Hajya)[edit | edit source]

This time, Randolf's Attack is by far the highest of the knights, his HP is highest as well, and even his Defense is decent. In fact, his high HP makes him almost essential to your party if you're playing the USA version of the game, as he may be the only available character who can take a hit from Blaze level 3 or Freeze level 3 without falling. You can therefore use him as bait for enemy spellcasters. (However, you shouldn't neglect to make use of his high Attack as well.)

In Shining Force CD[edit | edit source]

Book 1 Randolf initially struggles a bit with his Defense, but his Attack and HP are always extremely high and by level 20 promoted he has by far the highest HP, Attack, and Defense of all the Shining Force CD knights. His one disadvantage is that he comes pre-promoted, but even if you promote the other knights at level 20, his stats hold up well.

Book 2 Randolf is also a powerful knight, holding second place for HP, Attack, and Defense for most of the game.

When playing Book 3 of Shining Force CD, you can use the stats of the highest leveled Randolf from the first two scenarios. If possible, transfer from the Book 1 Randolf, as all his stats at level 20 promoted are far higher than those of the other knights, including Book 2 Randolf. To do this, make sure Book 2 Randolf does not reach a higher level than Book 1 Randolf.

Powers & Magic[edit | edit source]

Randolf cannot use magic and has no special abilities.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • When Randolf meets up with Prince Nick

"Remember me, Prince Nick? I'm your knight, Randolf. And I am at your service. I'm the only one left from my platoon. And I want to fight Woldol!"

  • In Book 2 headquarters, in active party

"My fight lasts until Iom is defeated!!"

  • In Book 3 headquarters, not in active party

"Everyone says I'm too serious. What do you think?"

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