Vital statistics
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives None
Appearances Shining Force II

Randolf (Dongo in Japanese) is a male Dwarf Warrior and a member of the Shining Force in the game Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing.




Randolf is the replacement for Gort from the previous game and along with Jaha, fulfills the role of second/partner warrior/Gladiator to Jaha. Pre-promotion his defense will wane as he levels while his HP maintains a steady but low growth compared to Jaha, resulting in potentially having a higher HP overall.

Like Jaha he can be promoted to Gladiator or a Baron. Compared to Jaha, he is slightly stronger as a Baron, though due to the lack of difference between each other promoted, and either can fulfill the role of Baron/Gladiator without too much concern. Once promoted, he will switch from being Jaha's support partner to become either Gyan or Lemon's partner (presuming Jaha becomes the alternative gladiator/baron to what Randolf is promoted to).

Post promotion, either way, he will end up having the highest Attack of any of his class type and a high but steady HP growth.

He has the weakest defense of his class type and lower speed growth overall compared to Jaha.

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  • ""I'll face any devil, any time! Bring 'em on!"

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