Lady Riemsianne La Vaes.jpg
The La Vaes, Riemsianne
Vital statistics
Class La Vaes
Gender Female
Race Magnus
Faction Fyrlandt
Birthplace Fyrlandt
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force EXA

Riemsianne (Liemcyan La Verse), The current "La Vaes", (Chief of the Magnus), is also known as the Queen of Fyrlandt, the southern territory belonging to the Magnus. She makes her appearance in the game Shining Force EXA. She also makes an appearance as an antagonist in the game Project X Zone.

Background[edit | edit source]

While her background is not fully explained, it's said that she is the youngest "La Vaes" to ever rule the Magnus, being about 23 years old. It says in the game that she (at one point), rewrote all of the books of Magnus history because of this. A Magnus Chief is elected by strength within the society, both magical and mental strength. As she grew up, she was told about the history of the Magnus and learned about the taboo that entailed them never going into war with humans or else Malxatra may reawaken. To the point where the game starts, she rules over Fyrlandt with the help of Lurnaezel as her sort of confident.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Riemsianne's personality can be described as well-intended if but manipulative. Throughout the story, it is evident Riemsianne cares deeply for her people and would put down her life in order to protect them. Her manipulativeness is shown throughout the game as she tries to (unsuccessfully) seduce Toma and lure him to her side. She usually mentions the safety of the Magnus people and balance later on, once her intentions have been revealed to the party and the Noswald Empire.

Despite her calm demeanor, she is not one to cross or trifle with. She is quite deadly in battle and wields devastating magic spells. When engages her enemies, she shows strength, but still maintains her elegance as a chief. Reimsianne is known for following an age-old taboo of not trying to incite a war with humans, and knows more than others seem to think.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Powers & Magic[edit | edit source]

The Magnus clan are gifted creatures that specialize in magic abilities, and being the "La Vaes", Riemsianne is no exception. Her spells are shown during fights against her to be upgraded forms of the attacks Cyrille can learn over time in the game. Some spells that are unique to her though are her specialization in fire techniques and the ability to brain wash people with an enchanted kiss. She uses this technique on Toma at one point, to use the power of the Heritor to her advantages. When she fights with Ragnadaam the 3rd, the uses mostly fire magic even though she's capable of other powers as well. Although she has monster-like features, she never uses them to her advantage.

In the game, we can see that Riemsianne have upgraded forms of magic like:

While Cyrille can use spark breath, Riemsianne can spin around while she cast spark breath

She can teleport herself.

She can use Blazing Feather.

She can use Gaia Nova spell.

Despite her many abilities, she is still weaker than Cyrille. This may due to the fact Cyrille is a Heritor and thus possesses the power of Shining Force.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"This is getting pretty intense." - A conversation with Lurnaezel, Riemsianne reviews her current situation.

"Get your head out of your butt, Ragna." - A conversation with Ragnadaam The 3rd, ruler of the Noswald Empire in front of Toma and company.

"You know Toma, I like you"... "Do you like me?" - Riemsianne attempting to use her womanly charms on Toma, accompanied with the offer to join her.

"Well well, what do we have here? Very impressive. I don't think a human has ever gotten this far in the dungeon before." - Riemsianne giving a small praise to Cyrille.

"Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that little girl, you see, he's already mine." - Riemsianne talking to Cyrille, regarding Toma's kidnapping and brain washing.

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