Rilix image.png
Rilix takes a gander at what's going on in the world using her magic crystal
Vital statistics
Race Human
Faction Vandals
Appearance Shining the Holy Ark
Health Points Health Points
Magic Points Magic Points
Attack Attack Points
Defense Defensive Points
Speed Speed, or agility or quickness
Movement n/a
Spell(s) Attack level 1, Support level 2, Spark level 2(1st battle only), Freeze level 4(2nd battle only), Dispel level 1(2nd battle only)
Special Attacks Poison Claws, Energy Drain(2nd battle only), Crystal Laser(2nd battle only), Crystal Exposion(2nd battle only)
Items Sedan Chair

Rilix is an ambitious Vandal who takes the role of one of the principal antagonists of Shining the Holy Ark. She twice appears as a boss.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rilix takes up residence in the kingdom of Enrich. In contrast to her sister Elise and associate Galm, Rilix takes great pride in her identity as a Vandal and is passionate about advancing the cause of the Vandals.

To this end, she ousted Sabato from the office of chancellor to the king in a bitter power struggle and then used an evil spirit to possess the king of Enrich himself. From there she launched a plan to break open the Holy Ark and unleash the Corruption within. The act of opening the Holy Ark is often referred to as "reviving the Thousand-Year Kingdom", which suggests that Rilix may feel a sort of nostalgic longing for the glory days of the Vandals.

Rilix is a cunning and manipulative foe, and though she lacks the power of a full Vandal, she can wield a variety of powerful magic and even constantly supports herself on a sedan chair that floats by her own power. She also has the unique asset of a magic crystal that allows her to see what is going on in any place in the world.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

First Battle[edit | edit source]

This battle is one of the most difficult in the game, and for most players it will be the most difficult. While it is fully possible to defeat Rilix without any of your characters higher than level 19 unpromoted, your chances of success are much greater if the three spirit hosts are at least level 2 promoted. At that level Melody will have learned Raise, Rodi will have learned Sleep level 2, and Arthur will be able to equip the Sacred Sword, all of which are very useful against Rilix.

Second Battle[edit | edit source]

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