Rodi the ninja
Race Human
Birthplace Far East Village, Enrich
Relatives Akane, sister
Lord of Far East Village, father
Physical description
Gender Male
Class Ninja -> Master Ninja
Faction Innovators
Media appearances Shining the Holy Ark

Rodi is a ninja and one of the three foremost heroes of Shining the Holy Ark, as well as the game's first boss. Upon following the advice of the sage Sabato, he becomes the host for an Innovator spirit for the majority of the game's story and may still retain it. Rodi also serves a minor role in Shining Force III Scenario 3: Bulzome Rising.

Background[edit | edit source]

As the son of the Lord of Far East Village, a village where everyone is trained in Ninjitsu from childhood, Rodi has mastered the techniques of Ninjitsu, making him a highly skilled fighter and magic user.

For reasons that are not fully expounded upon, Rodi journeyed to the capital of Enrich and met with the sage Sabato. It is hinted that Sabato and Rodi's father had been corresponding with each other over a prophecy regard the return of the Thousand-Year Kingdom, and that the Lord sent Rodi to him because Sabato believed he was one of the three meant to receive the spirits. When the enchantress Rilix defeated Sabato, Rodi fled to Desire Mine, where he was to receive the spirit. It was there that the three mercenaries sent by Rilix to capture Rodi found him, setting off the events of the game.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Defeating Rodi[edit | edit source]

For a first boss, Rodi is fairly dangerous, as he can take out each character in just a couple hits. You do not need to defeat him to progress in the game, but the experience points he gives are handy.

Rodi tends to focus his attacks on Melody and his high agility lets him nearly always go first, so you may want to have her preemptively heal herself. Don't worry about wasting MP, as the fight is over fairly quickly and your characters will be fully restored afterwards. Arthur should use his regular attack while Forte casts Blaze. The key is to keep all your characters alive; if you let any of the three fall, Rodi will have little trouble finishing the other two.

Using Rodi[edit | edit source]

Rodi is a balanced character with a solid assortment of offensive and status effect spells, decent attack, and very high speed. He will most likely be your primary offensive spellcaster for most of the game. The Sleep and Spider Thread spells have a high rate of success on most enemies, and can be extremely useful in certain fights. For instance, Spider Thread can make boss fights go much more quickly.

The Negate spell is unique to Rodi, and eliminates all support spells on all enemies. Always keep this spell in mind during boss fights, as support spells can make otherwise manageable enemies too powerful to handle.

Powers & Magic[edit | edit source]

If killed in battle, Rodi is instantly revived with 1 HP once the battle is finished. In addition, he learns the following spells:

Level 1 - already learned
Level 2 - acquires at level 8
Level 3 - acquires at level 18
Level 4 - acquires at level 8 promoted or at level 30 unpromoted
Level 1 - acquires at level 4
Level 2 - acquires at level 20
Level 1 - acquires at level 6
Level 1 - acquires at level 10
Level 2 - acquires at level 16
Level 1 - acquires at level 14
Level 2 - acquires at level 4 promoted or at level 25 unpromoted
Level 3 - acquires at level 13 promoted or at level 36 unpromoted
Level 4 - acquires at level 17 promoted
Level 1 - acquires at level 6 promoted
Level 1 - acquires at level 20 promoted
Level 1 - learns upon completion of Ceremony of Evolution

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • After being defeated in Desire Mine

"What a disappointment... However, I'm not finished yet! Not until my destiny is fulfilled!"

  • In Desire Village
Basso: "So it is you, Rodi! We thought that you had died in that cave-in, but you match the description given to us perfectly."
Rodi: "I guess you're right... I am alive. Now that you know this, what are you going to do about it?"
  • In Enrich Dungeon
Rodi: "Please remember, only half of me is Rodi. I have no control over, nor little knowledge of, my other half."
  • In the Town of Enrich
Rodi: "What are you going to do, Arthur? You... are... planning on leaving Enrich now, aren't you? I have spent a long time with you. I know exactly how you feel. Even now, I'm still concerned that we don't know whose Spirit remains. But I'm sure we will find out regardless in the future."

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