Rohde image
Rohde in Shining Force II.
Vital statistics
Class Brass Gunner
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Hassan
Relatives Unknown
Appearances Shining Force II

Rohde is a character in Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing. Rohde starts in the game as a NPC, that helps the player by driving the Caravan, but later in the game, Rohde becomes a playable character.


Rohde is an anti-social historian that lives in Hassan and teaches two historians of Ribble: Paseran and Kaseran. When Bowie first tried to talk to him, Rohde told them he was too busy and told them to go away, but when Bowie appeared with the legendary Achiles Sword, Rohde got interested and told them about the Caravan. When they defeated Taros, Rohde began to drive the Caravan for them. When the Shining Force had to use a cannon to destroy the rocks blocking the cave in the North Cliff, Rohde operated it and fell in love with the machine. He then started using it to fight alongside the Shining Force.


Rohde is very anti-social, thinking only about old artifacts and ruins. But, his personality begins to change when he starts relating with the Shining Force members.


As a Brass Gunner, Rohde uses arrows & missiles and has a decent defense. His Attack growth is low, but he will experience a sharp increase late game.

Once he joins the Shining Force (as a NPC), he will follow behind Bowie, Peter, Astral and any other NPC following them. By turning around and talking to him players can enter the Shining Force storage space and other utilities, saving having to go back to the nearest town every time to sort certain aspects of the Shining Forces management.

He has low speed and his HP growth wanes over time.

Powers & MagicEdit

Rohde has no powers and no magic.


  • "This is great! I love this cannon!"


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