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Ruce gently urges his companions to get a move on.
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Vital statistics
Class Warrior -> Gladiator
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Guardiana army
Birthplace Guardiana
Relatives Lug, father
Appearances Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden II
Shining Force CD

Ruce is the co-founder of the Shining Force of Shining Force Gaiden, and one of the game's initial party of playable characters. He is also a minor NPC in Shining Force Gaiden II.


Ruce is a young soldier when he is first introduced, presumably still in training. In Shining Force Gaiden, he forms an expedition to rescue the Guardiana soldiers sent in a failed invasion of Cypress, his father Lug(mistranslated as "Luke" in Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention) among them. The expedition is successful, and in the process Ruce befriends the rightful heir to the throne of Cypress, Prince Nick.

To return the help Nick provided, Ruce helps lead a squad of Guardiana troops to the aid of Cypress in Shining Force Gaiden II. In Book 3 of Shining Force CD, he attends Prince Nick's coronation, where Queen Anri is seemingly kidnapped. Ruce follows Nick in a quest to rescue her, a quest which proves to have been a trial to judge Nick's worthiness of kingship.


Unlike most dwarves seen in the Shining series, Ruce's boisterous and juvenile behavior masks a cunning and intelligent mind, and is balanced with a serious and focused side. He co-organized the expedition to Cypress with Nick, and presumably led the group during the brief period where they felt Nick was not trustworthy. It was also Ruce's quick thinking which allowed Nick to get past the guards at the port.

His favored pastimes all involve teasing and harassing the girls, a set of hobbies that he shares with Slade. In Ruce's case, at least, this is likely no more than an awkward progression into puberty.

Ruce is very proactive by nature, and seems eager to get out from behind the shadow of his renowned father.


Though Gates has higher Defense in Shining Force Gaiden and Book 1 of Shining Force CD, and in Book 3 Rohde has superior Attack, Ruce is still a solid front-line fighter with decent stats all around. Try placing him as a shield for more vulnerable characters such as Mages.

Powers & Magic[]

Ruce has no natural special powers or magical skills, but can use magical items such as the Heat Axe when promoted to Gladiator.


  • At the castle of Guardiana
Ken: (speaking to Nick) "Something about your eyes... You remind me of my old friend, Max."
Ruce: "No. Those days are behind you now. We are the new Shining Force."
  • On the sea voyage to Cypress
Ruce: "(Yawn!) Not much of an adventure so far, eh, Apis?"
  • In the shrine of Iom
Skull Knight: "This doesn't concern Gardiana."
Ruce: "Cypress is our ally. We've come to fight by their side."
  • In headquarters during Book 3
Ruce: "In my free time I like to bench press girls! Slade! Let's go this way!"


See also[]

  • Nick, Ruce's partner in organizing the rescue mission to Cypress
  • Slade (Shining Force CD), one of Ruce's best friends among the Cypress force

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