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While pretending to be disinterested, Sabato closely observed all of Rilix's doings.
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Vital statistics
Class n/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Innovators
Birthplace Enrich
Relatives unnamed wife
Appearances Shining the Holy Ark

Sabato is a major non-player character in Shining the Holy Ark, acting as a guide for the player's party through most of the game. His actions are responsible for involving Rodi, Lisa, Basso, Akane, and Doyle in the game's course of events.

Background[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sabato is a highly intelligent and manipulative individual, keeping his schemes a secret even from his wife. He has an insatiable scholarly curiosity, going so far as to resurrect the Vandal Galm just to get answers to his questions about the Thousand-Year Kingdom. Ultimately, however, he is also dedicated to preventing the triumph of evil.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • In the Dungeon Well
Sabato: "I and some others have known for a long time that today's crisis would be coming. We have been preparing for it."

Melody: "Why us...? Why are you asking mercenaries like us?"
Sabato: "Melody, don't you want your partner Forte back? Arthur promised to help Melody, giving his word as a mercenary, correct? Do you not think that these are good reasons? They are sufficient. Also, you may be able to find better equipment for yourselves along the way."
Rodi: "Sabato, I.... What is my reason for going?"
Sabato: "Something happened to you Rodi, did it not? Did you lose your memory in an accident? Of course you have a reason to go. It's your destiny. You are lead by destiny, and the other two will share that with you."
Rodi: "My... destiny?... You mean I met Arthur and Melody by fate?"
Sabato: "I do not know, Rodi. I know nothing for sure. The only thing we know is that two men and one women are required. You were selected as one of them. The other two are... unexpected. But that too, must have been fate."
  • In the throne room of Enrich Castle
Sabato: "Great job, Arthur! I must go now. You must defeat Rilix."
Rilix: "What? Sabato! Are you running away!?"
Sabato: "Their powers are quite strong enough. They don't need my help. If you survive this, Rilix, we'll meet again."
  • In Enrich Castle, after Rilix's defeat
Sabato's wife: "It's odd that my husband didn't mention the King being under the control of Rilix. Enrich will be a peaceful kingdom again now. But I'm still worried about Sabato. He seems to be hiding something."
  • In the throne room of Enrich Castle
Sabato: "You have solved the mysteries of the shrines and found the Three Sacred Treasures! Now, you may enter the paintings of the ancient ones, and even though I can?t go with you, I'm excited by what you will find there."

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  • Galm, Sabato's contact among the Vandals
  • Rilix, Sabato's rival

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