Sarah (Shining Force II)
Sarah tried to act interested in Kazin's little collection of mystic charms, but her eyes kept straying to Bowie.
Vital statistics
Class Priest -> Vicar or Master Monk
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Shining Force
Birthplace Granseal
Relatives None known
Appearances Shining Force II
Shining Wisdom

Sarah (Sara in Japanese, a.k.a Sarah the Healer, sometimes mistranslated as "Salah") is a young elf who plays a central role in the battle against the devils in the games Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing and Shining Wisdom. She is a playable Priest of the Shining Force in Shining Force II.

She is not to be confused with Sarah from Shining Force Gaiden II.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sarah is an elf living in Granseal and there are no traces of any relatives of hers in the village. Sarah is one of the four founding members of the Shining Force in the game, along with her childhood friends Bowie, Chester, and Jaha, who are also classmates in Sir Astral's class. When Sir Astral was sent to the castle, Chester felt it was best to stay behind. Sarah strongly felt otherwise, and Bowie agreed, thus, Chester was out-voted (since Jaha was late for school that day) and the three of them went to follow Sir Astral. This small group eventually grew to become the legendary Shining Force and had the ultimate goal of resealing the Devil King, Zeon. Two years after the resealing of Zeon, Bowie was going to kiss Princess Elis in order to wake her up, and Sarah, who had fallen in love with him, ran away. Kazin followed to comfort her.

Shortly after this event, Kazin and Sarah become traveling companions and spend the next several years hunting down Zeon's remaining allies and underlings. In Shining Wisdom, set several years after Shining Force II, they pursue the dark elf Pazort to the kingdom of Odegan, and we find that Sarah still does not return Kazin's feelings for her. A young Odegan soldier named Mars defeated Pazort, and Sarah and Kazin returned to Granseal.

The translation team for the USA version of Shining Wisdom intentionally altered the game's dialogue to say that Sarah and Kazin are romantically involved.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is a friendly girl who seems to also be a very intelligent student. She worries about her fellow classmates as well as the wellbeing of the town of Granseal. These strong feelings often make her appear passionate and hot-tempered.

She also appears to have a strong romantic inclination towards heroes. By the end of the war with Zeon she had become enamored of Bowie, even though she was explicitly not interested in him before his heroic efforts in the war. Similarly, after years of traveling with Kazin, she only expresses an interest in him after hearing that he had single-handedly defeated Pazort.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sarah takes the role of early game healer that Lowe held in the previous game. She is a decent fighter early on and can back up the Force with her healing spell, ensuring they remain alive. However, unlike Lowe in the previous Shining Force game, Sarah knows "Blast" so can make up for her loss of fighting ability against other members later in the game. She also knows "Detox" and allows the Force to get rid of poison easy. Her "slow" spell will also ensure that powerful enemies have to wait a long time to be able to attack, giving the rest of the Force time to attack in the meanwhile. Pre-promoted her stats favoritism lays on MP and is balanced on all other stats. She can be promoted to Mastermonk or Vicar using the Vigor Ball. Promoting her to Mastermonk, is favorable since she lacks the spells to become a strong Vicar and for players wanting to keep her active late game, this is the best option. Either way she experiences a much stronger HP, MP and defense growth post promotion, withHP being her strongest growth stat. She also will suffer a sharp increase on her Speed stat at a point.

Despite them being balanced, her growth on all stats but MP are low. Her MP growth will also wane over time. Late-game if promoted to a Vicar, she will quickly fall behind the other healers. This is mostly due to her lack of the Aura. While she can deal more damage then any other Vicar, the frontline members of the Shining Force are more then adapt at doing this to begin with. This is because while her Attack growth is slightly higher then it was before, it still pales in comparison to other fighters. Furthermore, any character who has the Mastermonk class will be far more adapt at fighting/healing then Sarah as a Vicar. Though the American version of the game has two Vigor Balls in it, the game was designed to originally have one in giving the player the choice between Sarah and Karna. The result is a choice between having Karna become the stronger mastermonk, or giving Sarah the ability to carry herself later in the game.

Powers & Magic[edit | edit source]

Sarah can cast the following spells.

Level 1 - already learned
Level 2 - acquires at Level 7
Level 3 - acquires at Level 22
Level 4 - acquires at Level 40
Level 1 - acquires at Level 4
Level 2 - acquires at Level 13
Level 3 - acquires at Level 33
Level 4 - acquires at Level 45
Level 1 - acquires at Level 10
Level 2 - acquires at Level 16
Level 3 - acquires at Level 25
Level 4 - acquires at Level 36
Level 1 - acquires at level 19
Level 2 - acquires at Level 29

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (speaking to Bowie)"Remember, you are our leader. We lose if you are defeated!"
  • At Odegan castle
(speaking to Mars)"Sir Kazin has gone to the Underground Marsh already...and nothing has been heard from him. Please be careful. Well, if you encounter him along the way...please take care of him."
  • After Kazin reports the resealing of the djinn
King: "Really? You defeated Pazort as well? That's wonderful! Wonderful!"
Sarah: "Well done, Kazin! You're a man worthy of honors, aren't you? I have a higher opinion of you than before."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the reunion, Sarah seems to have a crush on Bowie
  • It is unknown whether Sarah forgave Slade
  • Due to a bug, Sarah´s MP growth is greater as a Master Monk than as a Vicar.

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