Shade Abbey
Shade Abbey image
Battle for Shade Abbey
Vital statistics
Type Abbey, Battle
Location East side of West Continent, Rune
Inhabitants Amon, Balbaroy, Human

Shade Abbey is an abbey and a battle location in the game Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention and Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon.


Shade Abbey was founded by people from Guardiana to hold knowledge of the Ancients. The Abbey record in the Priest's quarters read: "The purpose of this Abbey is to prepare the way for a young man who will appear... Few know of the truth of the Legacy of the Ancients. The danger is unimaginable... The Legacy of the Ancients was created by the Gods to confine a vast evil..." When Max enters the Abbey, Amon is standing in the path. She pleads with Max to save Balbaroy. If you go into the crypt in the basement there is a man who seems disoriented as to why he's there. If you seach the graves in the graveyard the graves seem pretty messed up, looking as if someone recently dug them up. If you try to talk to the priest he just tells you he's busy and to go away. In the original game, there is a zombie next to the priest, whereas in the remake it is the ghoul. Whoever you talk to will follow you and block your retreat until you enter the Chapel, for some reason this part does not occur in the remake (the people will appear behind Max once he speaks to Balbaroy, but they won't follow him). Once you enter the Chapel, you see Balbaroy who tells you to run and that it's a trap. The Priest comes in and asks if you have been praying, and then turns into Darksol! Darksol says it is fitting that Max should perish in a former Chapel of Light. In the remake, when Max demands to know what happened to the real priest, Darksol explains why he does not directly battle Max himself: "Ah, yes... he knew even more about the legacy than even the king of Guardiana. Hearing this, I paid him a visit, but he was most uncooperative. I had no choice but to kill him. He was quite a skilled magician, and put up a terrible struggle. Why, I was seriously wounded! I would have liked to finish you off myself, but… ah well. Ghouls!" (The Ghoul comes running up) "I’ve brought you your dinner!" After the battle, Balbaroy and Amon join the Shining Force and guide Max and the Shining Force to Uranbatol via Bustoke.


At Shade Abbey, in the main building, there are the Priest's quarters, crypt, cemetary, bell tower and Chapel.


  • Amon
  • Balbaroy
  • Abbey tenants and its priest (none of whom were alive at the time of Max's arrival)
  • Resurrected individuals from various countries in Rune whose bodies were buried in Shade Abbey (these people were later turned into zombies and skeletons). In the original version the old man found in the bell tower is actually alive and tells Max that Darksol attacked the town and killed the priest.


The dialogue with the resurrected people is a bit more interesting in the remake, as that many of the people talk about events that were current in their times. It also shows that perhaps not everyone buried in Shade Abbey is necessarily from there.

  • An old woman speaks about the "recent" birth of Anri, suggesting that she died sometime during Anri's toddler years.
  • A traveling merchant says he wants to try to set up a shop in Rindo, believing that there is great trading potential there. Little does he realize that, at the time of Max's visit, Rindo has developed into a wealthy merchant city.
  • Another man speaks about how his country of Alterone is very poor. This places his death sometime prior to when Alterone discovered the mining potential within it's mountains to the North (which made the once-poor country very rich). An older man in Alterone claims to have been alive during this time, placing the event roughly two generations prior to Max's visit.



There are no resources at this location.

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