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Shining Force CD is a turn-based tactical Role Playing Game for the Mega CD (a.k.a. Sega CD) system. It chronicles the adventures of a second generation of Shining Force led by Nick and later Natasha and was compiled of remakes of Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force Gaiden II and two short additional scenarios which act as sequels to those games. These are designated as 4 distinct games (or "books") that the players can play through. The first two are available to the player from the start while books 3 and 4 are unlocked after certain conditions are met. Book 3 includes six battles and book 4 one battle, for a total of 53 battles - more than any other Shining Force game.


The gameplay mechanics are identical to those of the original Game Gear games. The player progresses through a series of turn-based tactical battles interspersed with short cutscenes. Between cutscenes the player is allowed to save the game, promote characters, resurrect fallen characters, and sometimes buy and sell weapons and healing items.

After finishing the first two scenarios, the third scenario can be accessed. Progress made in book 3 must be saved on a back-up RAM cart since the Sega CD's internal memory isn't enough to save both games' data. Book 4 can be accessed by finding a hidden item in Book 2 and completing Books 1-3.

Character stats from Books 1 and 2 can be carried over to the starting party of Book 3. Similarly, character stats from Book 3 can be transferred to the party of Book 4.


Book 1[]

The player controls Nick, a visitor to Guardiana (incorrectly translated as "Gardiana"), who is chosen to be the new leader of the Guardiana Shining Force. The party must travel to the kingdom of Cypress to rescue Guardiana's captive soldiers and find a way to cure Queen Anri, who was placed under a sleep spell by the ambassador of Cypress, Woldol.

Book 2[]

The player now assumes the role of Deanna, a young man found wounded by the cliffs near Cypress's castle by two Cypress soldiers.

After rescuing the Queen, Prince Nick and the Cypress Army join forces with Guardiana to defeat Iom's evil plan. However, shortly after Nick and his troops depart for Iom, an Iom agent steals the Sword of Hajya from Cypress's castle. A small team of the young soldiers left to guard the castle, led by the mage Natasha and guided by the military officer Mayfair, must hunt down the thief and redeem the Sword of Hajya.

Book 3[]

The player again assumes the role of Nick. Several months after Iom's defeat, Prince Nick is ready to be crowned as King of Cypress... or is he? An old woman named Dava has her doubts, and to prove her point, she interrupts the coronation ceremony and kidnaps Queen Anri. To prove himself worthy of the crown, Prince Nick must rescue the lost queen. He has the Cypress army and his friends from Guardiana to help him, but not all is as it seems.

Book 4[]

Nick and his friends are visiting the most historic museum in Cypress when the exhibits of Nick's greatest enemies suddenly come to life.


The story is set in the nations of Cypress, Iom, Guardiana, and Emild.


Shining Force[]

  • Nick - The prince of Cypress, he leads the Shining Force
  • Ruce - Co-organizer of the Guardiana expedition, Lug's son
  • Shade - Bowman, Hans' Son
  • Apis - A young but talented knight, Ken's son
  • Sig - Monk, Gong's nephew
  • Wendy - A spunky and adventurous mage, younger sister of Diane and Tao
  • Cray - A Monk from the town of Miniyom. Joins after the Shining Force rescue his sister.
  • Claude - A high-flying member of the Cypress resistance, and later of the Cypress army
  • Stock - A bowmaster Centaur from the town of Asreet
  • Mayfair - Advisor to the Shining Force for most of the game, a powerful priestess, member of the Cypress resistance and later Nick's right hand woman
  • Yeesha - A mage rescued by the Shining Force after she had been sealed inside a spell by Bazoo
  • Gyan - Bodyguard and advisor to the Prince Nick
  • Domingo
  • Kashing
  • Gates
  • Shriek - A captured warrior of Guardiana
  • Randolf - An experienced knight in service to the prince of Cypress
  • Amigo
  • Lug - One of the heroes of the original Guardiana Shining Force, mistranslated as "Luke" in the earlier game
  • Deanna - A young man nursed back to health by the guards of Castle Cypress, he joins them in their quest
  • Natasha - Leader of the Shining Force, a young castle guard skilled in the use of magic
  • Jaha - A troublemaking young castle guard
  • Eric - An ill-behaved aristocratic guard
  • Dawn - Another castle guard, but stern and work-obsessed
  • Luke - Jaha and Eric's mischievous friend
  • Slade - A friendly and fun-loving priest
  • Graham - The thief of the Sword of Hajya, he repents his ways after a falling out with the Iom army
  • Chester - An Emild guard
  • May - A member of the court of Emild, skilled in the use of magic
  • Sarah - Advisor to Natasha's division of the Shining Force, and a playable vicar once the force reunites
  • Rohde
  • Hanzou - One of the heroes of the original Guardiana Shining Force, mistranslated as "Higins"
  • Musashi - One of the heroes of the original Guardiana Shining Force, mistranslated as "Rush"

Allies of the Force[]

  • Anri - The queen of Guardiana, held in a comatose state by Woldol's spell
  • Lowe - The force's advisor, one of the heroes of the original Guardiana Shining Force
  • Ken - One of the heroes of the original Guardiana Shining Force, now a royal knight and father of Apis
  • Cray's sister - An unnamed girl who apparently lives under Cray's care
  • Hindel - One of Iom's top generals, for some reason he does not fight the Shining Force


  • Bazoo - Woldol's right-hand man, responsible for breaking any resistance to his rule
  • Dantom - Bodyguard and advisor first to the late king of Cypress, now to King Edmond
  • Edmond - The puppet ruler of Cypress
  • Geppel
  • Frabell - One of Woldol's enforcers, a paladin
  • Evil Monster - A powerful devil summoned from an unknown dimension by Woldol, said to be unstoppable once fully revived
  • Woldol - Ambassador of Cypress, the nation's behind-the-scenes dictator
  • Scorpion Woldol
  • Gordon - A maniacal and monstrous general of Iom, responsible for the theft of the Sword of Hajya
  • Solo - One of Iom's top generals, a powerful wizard and experienced leader
  • Iom statue
  • Barbara - One of Iom's top generals, an ambitious and bloodthirsty servant of evil
  • Death Woldol - Resurrected from the dead by the power of Iom, Woldol seeks revenge on Nick, Mayfair, and everyone they hold dear
  • Warderer - The mad king of Iom, he seeks to sacrifice Prince Nick in order to win favor with the god Iom
  • Iom - The evil god of sacrifice



Advanced Classes[]