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Shining Force EXA is an action role-playing video game for the Playstation 2.


Shining Force Exa is an action-based RPG. Battles take place in real-time. As is most common for the RPG genre, units become stronger by fighting enemies or by performing other actions in battle, such as healing allies. These actions give the units experience points (EXP.), which allow them to gain levels.


Legend about a powerful sword, called Shining Force attracts many adventurers to the frontier between Fyrlandt and the Noswald Empire, which are in war. On the search for the legendary sword, a boy(Toma) joins an elve(Maebelle) and with a ex-Noswald knight centaur(Gadfort), and a young Noswald librarian(Cyrille). Trying to stop the war between the two countries, Toma and his friends have a long journey ahead.


Geo-Fortress' Area

  • Ruins of Yi'el Village
  • Lakton VIllage
  • Fur'il Road
  • Wild Boar Cave
  • Goran-Goran Cave
  • Noswald Encampment
  • Ranburr's Tomb

Noswald Empire

  • Cantore Village
  • Foot of Ice Fortress
  • Gradium Mine
  • Raska Field
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Great Bridge
  • Emperor's Hall


  • West Balcan Desert
  • Magma Prison
  • Crimson Palace
  • Throne Room

Ancient Arena Edit

Along the game, you may find places called Ancient Arena. There are 21 of them, and each one holds a lot of enemies. When you find something like "Path of Carnage", or "This part is unrelated with the game scenario. Go through here only if you wnat test your strength", know that the enemies of this area are stronger than the ones of the main history's map, and a Ancient Arena is on the other side of the sign. Some arenas are found in the main history's map, like the Orcs' and the Skeletons' ones.

Below there's a list with the name of the arenas (each one have a lot of enemies of same type. Ex: Lizards: if you enter there, you'll battle against all the enemies whose race is "Lizard"). To access them, you will need a rune called "Darkness Rune". Below the Ancient Arenas' list, there're locations of the Darkness Runes.

  • Birdling (Lakton Highlands - You do this Ancient Arena in Chapter 2)
  • Orc Battleground (South Ilnad Forest - north)
  • Stalker Battleground(West Paora Plains - southeast)
  • Lizard Batleground (East Paora Plains - southwest)
  • Giant Battleground (West Paora Plains - near Altar of Darkness)
  • Sand Worms Battleground (East Balcan - you can access it going through a cave mentioned by Amitaliri (Amitalilly) in chapter 11)
  • Golem Battleground (Lake Barn Cavern, South - head southeast from East Paora Plains and you reach East Coast of Paora Plains. Here, go east-southeast, until you find a entrance to a cave - Underground Lake Barn. Be careful, there're Vampires, Medusas and Devil Brothers waiting for you!! Tip: Take Avalon and Fauklin with you - spend mythril on Light Magic before coming here)
  • Ghost Battleground (Cantore Snowfield - you reach this when you're with Gadfort on Chapter 5)
  • Lightning Battleground (Paoraburr Trail)
  • Wolfling Battleground (North Paora Plains - when you enter this map coming from Ilnad Forest, head north)
  • Skeleton Battleground (Sidora Snow Mountain - north)
  • Vampire Battleground (Gradium Mine - In chapter 10, you'll go through Raska Snowfield and them reach the Gradium Mine. Then, turn East - Zenus will instruct you. Climb the mountain by the path heading north. The Ancient Arena is on the top of the mine)
  • Succubus Battleground (Lake Sidora - when you find Sidora Snow Mountain's Access, know the Ancient Arena is right in front of you)
  • Demon Battleground (Sidora Mountain, Canyon - remember Skeleton's Ancient Arena? Demon Battleground is in the north of it. You can access it by going north from Skeleton's)
  • Steel Battleground (Gundestor Cavern - north)
  • Frost Battleground (Raska Snowfield - east)
  • Dragon Battleground (East Coast of Paora Plains - south)
  • Flame Battleground (Magma Prison B3F - northeast)
  • Impact Battleground (West Balcan Desert - east)
  • Stone Battleground (Ranburr's Tomb - find a "Path of Carnage" sign and destroy it. Follow that path to reach the Ancient Arena)
  • Legion Battleground (Xeyon Castle)


Playable CharactersEdit

Party members Edit

Allies / NPCsEdit

- Ragnadaam III, the emperor of Noswald Empire (When either Toma or Cyril encounter Malxatra (not final battle)). He's also an enemy boss when you're going to The Emperor's Throne to beg him to pull back his invading force, which is marching to Fyrlandt, the domain of the Magnus. He has a sister named Catheana

- Riemsianne, The chief of the Magnus / the La Vaes (Same as Ragnadaam III). She's also an enemy boss when you, as Cyril, are going to the Magma Prison to rescue Toma. She and Lurnaezel and Toma are located at the end of the depths

Note:These names are on English version



Kyantol - Faulklin