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Shining Force Feather
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Developer(s) Flight Plan
Publisher(s) Sega
Genre Tactical RPG
Platform(s) Nintendo DS (DS)
Rating(s) CERO: CeroB.png Ages 12 and Up
Release Date(s)
Japan.png Japan: February 19, 2009

Shining Force Feather (シャイニング・フォース フェザー Shainingu Fōsu Fezā) is a Tactical RPG for the Nintendo DS that was developed by Flight-Plan and published by Sega. It was released in February 2009 in Japan.


3,000 years ago, a war between the Shining Force and the Kyomu plunged the world into chaos. That war is remembered primarily in items known as artifacts, which were sealed away after the war. 3,000 years later, a young treasure hunter named Jin and his friend Bail discover a hidden ruin where a lost artifact is found and accidentally awakens an android girl named Alfin. A new adventure in search for lost artifacts has just begun.


Playable Characters (The Descriptions are translations of their profiles from the SFF: Master Guide)[]

  • Jin - A treasure hunter who travels the country and is the main protagonist of this game. He was an orphan under the master swordsman, Osin, but while practicing one day, everything changes. Given the short-term greed on his own behalf, and with his chivalrous and loyal spirit, he sets out on a quest.
  • Alfin
  • Bail - Jin's fellow countryman and childhood friend that prefers action over anything else. He comes from a famous knight house, along with Jin. However, he is a bit of a ladies' man, and ran away with Jin to the surface world. He claims that he is the most beautiful and popular out of all of the Centaurs.
  • Miriam - A cute and delicate Elf girl. Despite her dainty appearance, she has a rough and boorish personality. Depending on others' perspective, none could say that she's the owner of an honest and pure heart. She is a considerable glutton, due to her extraordinary clinginess to her favoirte food: dried fish.
  • Teeda - A gladiator knight who belongs to a race of people who are half-human, half-beast. She is quite strong, and no opponent is able to surpass her. She may often seem unfriendly, but she does have a weak facial expression deep down. In addition, she gets wary when people touch her ears or tail.
  • Julius - A young man who has an extraordinary interest in the ancient civilization, and continues his quest, despite coming from a prominent family. He is calm and serious, acting haughty towards others, specifically Jin, but is only around when it comes to the ancient civilization, often getting him in trouble.
  • Rush - A young treasure hunter who gets handed treasure countless times by others. He is Jin's rival, and the two often compete against each other, but at the same time, the two arrived at the airship. He may be an easy luck-pusher, but with his bayonet and combat style, his ability is high.
  • Pipin
  • Grizeria - The daughter of the Asmodian race turned fellow who asked a favor to Jin. She is intelligent and has dignity, combined with her beauty and glamorous body. But, she has a weak and shy side to her, something that Jin doesn't notice at first. She is weak to be touched in the corner.
  • Valvazan - An initial member of the Imperial Army headed by Gyaon, and emerged as the leader of the mercenary team. He works as a professional mercenary, but became a friend of Jin by the betrayal of Gyaon. He is exciting and courageous, but from the surface, he is also a proverbially foolish father figure around Teeda.
  • Cocot - An angel who is the wielder of the Grim Reaper, a scythe, and the head of the wings and wheels of the angels. She is one of the self-proclaimed "angel-ish thing", but her identity is close to God's "tuning person". Because she noticed the cause of the world danger, she came to monitor Jin. She has a very good-hearted personality.

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