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Shining Force Neo

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Naoyuki Ukeda
Makoto Takada, Atsushi Ii
Shinya Togo, Takashi Miyasaka
Yuriko Nishiyama

(character designer)

Yoshitaka Tamaki

(monster designer)
Tomoko Morita, Yukio Nakajima
PlayStation 2
Release Date
JP: March 24, 2005 NA: October 20, 2005

Shining Force Neo is a "hack 'n' slash" action RPG for the Playstation 2.


Shining Force Neo plays drastically different from the previous Shining Force sub-entries. The battles, instead, take place in real time with the player in control of the main character, Max. In addition to controlling Max, two additional party members can be brought along to fight with them. The X button is used to attack attack with the equipped weapon The Circle button is used to interact with characters, pick up items and open doors. The Triangle button is used to cast spells, activate skills, and teleport back to Greensleeves. The Square button uses items. The directional pad is used to select which spells and item are used when the corresponding button is pressed. Pressing the left and right buttons on the directional pad will move along the items, while pressing the up and down buttons on the directional pad will move along the spells, cannon and abilities.


Greensleeves is the home town of Max and Meryl, and were a portion of the game shall be spent. Greensleeves offers a healing fountain, save point, a shop that sells and purchases a variety of items in addition to identifying items, and a shop in which they level up Force arts and exchange secret arts on weapons and armor.

In addition, Greensleeves is also home to the Headquarters. The Headquarters provide the player with an opportunity to talk with and exchange party members. It also provides a teleport function as well, allowing the player to teleport to areas where the teleport gates have been activated.

Leveling up, Force Arts & Secret Arts[]

Main Article: Force Arts, Secret Arts

Experience points or more popularly known as, EXP is awarded after the defeat of enemies and monster generators. When a character gains enough enough EXP they obtain a level up. When a character reaches a level up, their stats increase and regain all health.

The game utilizes a unique attribute leveling system known as Force Arts. Force arts are a series of skills that can increase stats such as Health Points or Fire Damage and Resistance. Force arts can be leveled up at Little Zoe's shop in Greensleeves with the use of Mithril. Mithril can be broken off Mithril crystals, or randomly obtained from breaking barrels and creates, examining furniture or opening chests. Force Arts are held to Max and only effect Max. Increasing the Force Art related to fire damage only increases the damage Max does with fire damage and no one else.

New Force Arts can be obtained random from enemies dropping them or leveling up previously existing Force Arts. Force Arts obtained from enemies take an inventory slot and must be given to Little Zoe in Greensleeves to acquire the new Force Art abilities.

Items, equipment & spells[]

Max is the only character able to use items and equipment. Items can be bought in Greensleeves or obtained randomly from chests, boxes and crates, or dropped from defeated enemies.

Max is able to equip 1-handed weapons, 2-handed weapons, wands and staves, and bows. Depending on the weapon he has equipped it can greatly effect his stats and overall playstyle.

Weapons and armor can be bought in Greensleeves or are randomly generated from chest, boxes and crates, or enemies, and can be augmented with Secret Arts. The type of weapon you use will largely affect how you play, with things such as daggers and short swords proving quick and weak compared to massive great swords that can fell swathes of enemies every swing, or a magical staff to freeze, shock, burn, or simply blast your enemies away compared to the fast-firing bow.



The world of Shining Force Neo is high fantasy with a splash of technology, including airships and robots. in which a multitude of diverse beings live in harmony across three continent. Each continent is home a crystal of light, more commonly know as a Force Crystal. The continent of Ucritos, filled will plains and forest, houses the lightning Force Crystal. Feldland, an icy land, houses the ice Force Crystal. The last is Eranore, a land covered by vast deserts, mountains, and volcanoes, houses the fire Force Crystal.

Thirteen years prior to the games events, the world was on the verge of extinction from an onslaught brought on by the Clan of the Moon. The Clan of the Moon had the power call forth organic weapons of mass destruction known as, Legion, incest-like beings that could ravage through lands if kept unchecked. Legion were summoned through something known as the Eye of the Moon. A long and devastating war ensued. With the support of Force Knights, beings gifted withForce Frames, also known as Force Crystals were able to drive back the Legion and defeat the Clan of the Moon. However, at the end of the conflict, millions of people died and seven nations had perished. Now, the world is peace and recovering from the devastating effects the Clan of the Moon had wrought onto the world, and the Force Crystals have been keeping in check any remaining Legion eggs that surround near by areas.


The game begins with the young warrior Max returning to his home Greensleeves after years of training under his centaur instructor, Graham. He relaxes for a short while, catching up with his father and , an the other residents of Greensleeves, such as his childhood friend Meryl. Before long it is revealed that the forces of darkness are afoot, and that Max and Meryl have miraculously proven to inherited the power of a Force - strong warriors capable of vanquishing the forces of evil. Max's father is slain, and the crystal guarded in the city's heart is shattered by a masked man with an eerie aura of familiarity around him. Max and Meryl set out to try and defend the rest of the crystals and prevent the reawakening of Dark Dragon, though their attempts are always for naught as just as they arrive the masked man is there to see them writhe in despair as he furthers his plans. Meryl changes sides throughout the game, unsure of her purpose and history. Max recruits many allies from all corners of the globe to defeat the evil that is rampant in the world, and return Meryl to her regular state of mind.


Playable characters[]

  • Max - The protagonist and main character of Shining Force Neo. He is 17 years old and decided to undergo training to become a Force, following after his mother's, father's and older brother, Cain, footsteps. He is skilled in several weapons, abilities and magic.

Party members[]

  • Meryl - Max's Childhood bestfriend and a Force of Ucritos. She studied magic under Chairperson Rebecca in order to keep pace with Max as he underwent training with Graham. She wields a staff in battle.
  • Gaia - He is also Max's father and a Force of Ucritos. He fought thirteen years ago against the Clan of the Moon. He is a mythical warrior, who possess an incredibly powerful magic known as Gaia Nova. He wields a greatsword in battle.
  • Graham - A middle-aged Centaur and Force of Ucritos. He is bestfriends with Gaia and a mentor to Max. He fought alongside Gaia in the war against the Clan of the Moon. He wields a naginata in battle.
  • Chiquitita - She is a Cantoral and a Force of Feldland. She is very caring and loving person, but there is no one she loves more than her husband and will find any excuse to talk about him. She is a skilled priestess who uses holy magic and healing spells during battle.
  • Baron - A ninja Wolfling and a Force of Feldland. He is well-spoken and very analytical, but he also incredibly fast and deadly. He uses claws in battle.
  • Rhinos - A famous Giant who helped fight against the Clan of the Moon thirteen years ago. However, he is a shadow of the great man who he once was. He now drinks and flies around the world. He uses his fists in battle.
  • Mariel
  • Dryu
  • Adam
  • Freyja
  • Klein

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