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Shining Resonance
Shining Resonance Logo.png
Developer(s) Media.Vision
Publisher(s) Sega
Character Designer(s) Tony Taka
Genre RPG
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Rating(s) CERO: CERO C.svg Ages 15 and Up
Release Date(s)
Japan.png Japan: December 11, 2014

Shining Resonance (シャイニング・レゾナンス, Shainingu Rezonansu?) is a role-playing game developed by Media.Vision for the Playstation 3.

Sega launched its remaster named Shining Resonance Refrain, on July 10, 2018 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows.


The game features a real-time action battle system where players control a single character. Party members will be able to fight by manipulating song.[1] Up to four characters can participate in battle which utilise weapons and melodic attacks, such as songs and chained attacks from instrument-themed weapons. These weapon are used to release attacks called Force. Character skills can be changed, this is called Skill Tuning.

Outside of battle, characters are allowed to enter towns and interact with many towns and dungeons, as well as the people within them. Players are able to arrange the party and set attacks to responding buttons. Some characters are able to transform into a different form or change weapons. The game allows the character to change costumes freely.


In an ancient continent, a land of God known as “Alfheim” exists. A long time has passed since the dragons who were once powerful in this world perished. Its souls were crystallized and scattered about the world. However, a dragon survived. And its name is “Kouryuu Ilburn.” Seeking the power of the lost dragon, the Imperial Army and Church powers, and now a “Dragon Slayer” who intends to harm the dragon, have begun to stir.

The one who saved the dragon from their clutches was a single “young girl.” And before long, warriors known as “Dragon Instrumentalists” began to gather under the dragon. The dragon recalled a childhood memory of a “young girl” who saved him when he was injured. It was a reunion of fate. A beautiful and painful story about the girl and the dragon will be told.[1]


Playable Characters[]

  • Yuma Ilburn - The game's main protagonist. The surviving dragon whose existence affected the way the world came about. Because of his power, he is often targeted by a variety of people.[1]
  • Sonia Blanche - The "lightning princess" of the kingdom of Astoria. She is leading the people in a fight for the country’s revival. She is high-spirited and always strong for Yuma.[1]
  • Kirika Towa Alma - An elf who inherits the song of magic to manipulate the spirit power of mother nature. She is a better healer than a fighter. While she is not good at communicating with humans, she is a generally kind person.[2]
  • Agnum Bulletheart - A red-haired young man who’s something of an older brother to Yuma. Agnam is like his element; fiery.[2]
  • Rinna Mayfield - An elven witch who specializes in wind magic and uses the Dragon Spine Tran Rod, a wind instrument, to do her business, she’s a Dragoner sent from the elven country of Wellant to help Astoria after it finds its island of Alfheim, a former dragon stronghold, besieged by the Lombardia Empire.
  • Lestin Sera Alma - He is Kirika’s older brother, as well as a knight who commands a group of elven troops. When working as a party member, he has a cool head about him, but he can also become an obsessive big brother type when it comes to his younger sister.
  • Marion Le Sheila - An enemy at first, Marion is a young woman who is a member of Beowulf, a special squad of knights under the control of the Church of the Seal. She sports a Demonic Dragon Eye and has two distinctive personalities that argues with each other.

Unlockable Characters

  • Excella Noa Aura - The imperial princess. Excela is a top tier dragon knight, obtaining the title Dragon Master and the wielder of the Seventh Armonic. She plans to make Yuma her own.
  • Jinas Aeon - Jinas is a major roadblock in the journey of Yuuma and company. A swordsman of profound skill, he’s been known to down legendary dragons with just the lone blade he carries. However, he has no affiliation with any of the major powers, instead hunting down dragons as a loner, making his priorities most ambiguous. 

Non-Playable Characters

  • Georg Zalbard - A knight in the empire who goes after dragons, namely the protagonist.[2] He is a leader of the Beowulf squad, a special group that works under a church of the Lombardian Empire. He’s considered a dog of the church, who commands the most excellent battalion and brings fear to the outsiders.[3]
  • Zest Graham - Zest is one of the empire’s strongest soldiers. A man that loves engaging in combat with opponents stronger than himself, regardless of whether they’re an ally or an enemy, he shows a complete lack of interest in anyone else who isn’t up to par.
  • Beatrice Irma - A member of Beowulf, Beatrice is in charge of intelligence gather and assassinations.
  • Joachim Rubens - Joachim is a scientist who works for Beowulf and is their leading researcher in the field of ancient dark magic. A man with a few screws loose in his head, he’s extremely gifted in biology and medicine, but feels no particular urge to apply his knowledge outside of his research experiments.
  • King Albert - King Albert is Sonia’s father and the man who runs Astoria. A wise man who always thinks about the needs of his people, he’s earned a deep level of trust from the citizenry. Naturally, as such a great man, Sonia looks up to him and respects him deeply. 
  • Captain Burrows - Captain Burrows is the leader of Astoria’s knights. A magnanimous individual, he’s regarded as King Albert’s right hand man and Sonia's teacher in swordplay. He dislikes Yuma due to his dragon powers.

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