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Shining Soul is a hack n' slash strategy role-playing video game for the Nintendo GAMEBOY Advance console.


Gameplay is a hack n' slash tactical RPG. Battles take place in real time. As is most common for the RPG genre, units become stronger by fighting enemies or by performing other actions in battle, such as healing allies. These actions give the units experience points (EXP.), which allow them to gain levels. Enemies drop items that can then be equipped (if they fit the players class), healing items, gold, identification scrolls, or sometimes nothing at all. Unidentified Items can be taken to town and, providing the player has accumulated enough gold, identified.

Players choose from one of four classes: Warrior (based off of Max), Archer (based off of Hans), Dragonute (Bleu), or the Wizard (based off of Anri).

Characters can be somewhat customized by changing the available color palettes of the player sprite in the character creation menu.

Interestingly enough, anyone can start with an extra +10 stat to the corresponding class IF the player character is named after the corresponding character from Shining Force.


Combat in Shining Soul and its sequel, Shining Soul II, is quite different than the other games in the series. Comperable to a much, much simpler version of Diablo, combat is in realtime, on an isometric battlefield, on preset maps. Unless playing with a Game Boy Advance Link Cable, and someone with a seperate copy of the game and a Game Boy Advance, the player is solo, with no allies. The player is offered the option to retreat from the level back to town, at the expense of starting the dungeon anew, with the exception of certain items. Normal levels are broken up every so often by a boss fight. Certain levels are exclusively boss fights, with their own arena.

Combat consists of tapping the A button on the GBA whilst facing towards the enemies that spawn from the various floors on the level. Monsters are varied and are based off of monsters from previous games in the series. Common monsters are broken up every so often by large sprite versions "mid-boss" versions of the monsters, which usually drop somewhat better loot than generic monsters.and pursue you; the player must clear each floor of enemies to continue to the next floor.


Playable Characters[]


The game starts the options of choosing four different characters; a knight, wizard, an archer, or a dragonute. After naming the chosen character, the game will start with a nameless, pink-haired girl elf reading a thick book out loud. She looks up and sees the player. The player cannot say anything you can only guess what the conversation is about. The girl suggests to give you a cup of coffee as you wait for her grandfather's return and she gives you her book. You read the book and there is where the game's story begins.

The story explains that an evil Dark Dragon, scourched the fertile lands of Runefaust into wastelands. With the help of his Five Generals of Darkness, they nearly destroy Runefaust until the Four Warriors of Light appear. After the narration of the book, your chosen character appears in a rural town in front of a centaur named Noah. Noah says that you are their hero and after a little explaining, you are allowed to leave town and start your journey to destroy the Five Generals of Darkness, then the Dark Dragon himself.



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